Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


Logan Square farmers market! i’m there starting May 13th.


@barnjazz + @madeofoak + @robbbiecloset: pulled the kimchi out of the deadthread since it evolved into this territory. hope that feels positive!

(also, @madeofoak, sorry for momentarily flagging your question – I didn’t know how to move a buncha posts and tried that first. it was NOT good.)


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Scared me for a sec then realized ya’ll added a second show. Anyone going to the second show?


I’m trying to somehow coordinate getting from Cleveland to NYC to see Animal Collective play Sung Tongs on July 19th, and then get to Chicago (or Milwaukee?) for Sylvan Esso a couple days later…not sure yet if it is possible for me logistically/$, but I may be able to make it!


Milwaukee people: MOTS in a few weeks featuring @Tyresta and a bunch of other MKE-based modular people.


I think @Tyresta has a gig once a week


It’s lonely down here in indianapolis. I’m Going to try and make it up to chicago sometime this summer and meet some of you fine folks.


You can crash at my place for a night, PM if you need


Does anyone here in Chi do synth DIY? If so, do you know of a brick and mortar spot that’s not Radio Shack where one can pick up components and project enclosure boxes and the like?


American Science & Surplus and Micro Center are the only places I know in Chicago that stock components, but the selection is generally pretty limited and catered mostly to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi DIY crowd. Mouser and Digi-Key are usually the way to go unless it’s an emergency.

Modular Addict is personally my favorite synth DIY shop (excellent selection of panels/PCBs/knobs/jacks/pots), but they’re in Milwaukee.


Oh man, that’s dope to know that they’re in Milwaukee though! I browse their site, I didn’t know they had a physical store nearby.

I’m taking my partner to the Milwaukee airport in a couple weeks. Sounds like I’ll be buying kits while I’m at it :slight_smile:


it’s game time, babyyyyy. walking down now!


i don’t think we’re going to make it, sorry :pensive:


Anyone going to the Brett Naucke show next week?


that’s going to be an amazing show, the real question is whether or not i will be able to get myself out of the house on a wednesday night…


Picked up a ticket! It should be interesting to see the performance translated to a full band, I’m not sure what to expect.


Definitely. He has posted some videos on Instagram but none featured audio of the actual set. They just pictured the practice set up. I’ll see you there!


is anyone else going to Martin Rev & Wolf Eyes at Empty Bottle this Friday?


This Thursday June 7th I will be performing as Robotboot and in my band Shuttle Run. Shuttle Run has a cassette release with Dark Matter Coffees label Press Pot Recordings. I will have my modular along with some other synths. Please say Hi if you stop by. Its only 5$. I have casts and pins for anyone that makes it.

It will be a night full of synths and all chicago bands.