Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


This is the cassette we are playing the show for tonight.



Anyone going to the CHON/Polyphia/TTNG/Tricot show tonight? I’m ready for a night chock full of MATH >:D


Just bought a ticket. Anyone else going?


oh damn!! gonna pay the price for this one at work on monday…


Agreed. Going to see if I can work out a late start time. Cruise in around 10 a.m. Haha.


Also going :sparkles: 20chars


Yess!! scooping my ticket now


Yep, just bought my ticket.


I’ll be at this!


Mind Over Mirrors is amazing and I’d LOVE to get them back to Louisville even more now that Jon Mueller is drumming. Supreme talent! :slight_smile:

Chicagoans should go for sure.


I live a few blocks from Thalia Hall and often find myself missing lots of incredible shows due to work or finances, but I’m really hoping to make it out for this. Mind Over Mirrors was fantastic when I saw them opening for William Basinski a couple winters ago, and Laraaji opening makes this a must-see.


Really excited to announce this!

I’m hosting a house show, maybe part of a future series. The lineup turned out really great, and @Tyresta is starting us off. It’s in Humbolt part right off Division street, PM me if you want the address.

My goal is to form like a mini Chicago community of people & performers around this, so totally come by or let me know if you can perform at a future date, I’d really love everyone here to be a part of it. I’m thinking one of the next few might be like a lines/modular synthesis specific show.


You are Irving Park, the show is in Humboldt Park, and I am confused :thinking:.

(Also, I am unable to attend this one due to a 12-hour Sunday shift because of multiple coworkers being on vacation that weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to attend and/or perform at the next one, whenever it may be. Just give more advance notice so I can request off.)


I will forever regret my permanent project name :slight_smile:

(I chose a neighborhood via chance operations)

So sorry I don’t announce the show sooner! I know people with work schedules usually need two weeks to request off, so I meant to announce it far enough before but time got away from me and I put too much work into the poster :woman_shrugging:. I’ll make sure to announce sooner next time! Expect similar timing for the next show though, probably first/second Sunday of the month. And of course I can fit you into a future performance.


not exactly modular, but i’m going to see dinosaur jr. at temperence bar and my bloody valentine’s friday night show. i have an extra ticket to the MBV event, might be willing to trade it for a ride there and back. (ticket was $50 and show is sold out). (ian ehafh on facebook, i don’t check this site super often)






The next Modular On The Spot (MOTS) Chicago is happening on Sunday, July 15th. Show starts at 6 p.m. and should end around 8:30ish. Total of 5 or 6 performers including myself. Location is in Logan Square (3561 W. Armitage Ave). Come out if you can!


My band Shuttle Run is premiereing a music Video at Star Lounge tomorrow(Tuesday July 10th) if anyone would like to stop by. We will have some snacks and fellow synth heads.


Remind me to come! Is it free?