Chime Wheel; a 5 track shnth and plumbutter sound mangling thing

I finally scored a used Shnth. It has yellow buttons so I couldn’t resist getting a digitakt because it has a matching yellow button and because I could sample the shnth with it, but really more because they match. So these recordings are mostly shnth sounds with a little plumbutter sprinkled in (dogs, ultrasound, and deerhorn). No other sound sources/samples were used except a tambourine that I recorded for one of the tracks. The shnth sounds are tweaks of a few patches shared on the shbobo shnth thread and the first few patches that I made in the process of learning Fish. Nothing groundbreaking just a product of a fun little synthesis and sampling work station.

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I sense a real musical intentionality in these tracks that I really appreciate. Nice phrasing, foreground/background, and timbre/instrumentation choices. A very nice listen.


cool! glad it was a nice listen. Reading your response made me realize how little I describe musical ideas and how much I focus on the gear. An example of how not to go Nameless. :laughing: