Choukanzu (鳥瞰図)

鳥瞰図 – Choukanzu

take a bird’s-eye view of norns script params with this mod

Gather a flock of birds to take a bird’s-eye view 鳥瞰図 of norns control and taper params and smoothly shift your flight pattern from one to the next. Inspired by Cold Mac’s Survey knob and Mutable Instruments’ Frames module.




Choukanzu adds several params to the bottom of the params list.
fly is The Big Knob; turn it to morph between flight formations. does nothing at first.
flock summons birds to watch the flight pattern of params.
Each bird lets you choose a control or taper param to watch;
be warned, changing the selection of a bird’s param will clear the whole flock’s memory of flight formations.
trigger watch to store the state of the watched params as the latest flight formation.

(“choke on zoo” is not a terrible pronunciation)




github link


oh! that’s amazing, thanks for this! :tada:

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whoa super cool! love the convenience of one big macro knob, excited to try it!

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wanted to give this a try but after installation I cannot find the script on the norns library. Even when trying to play it through maiden. Help gratelly appreciated :slight_smile:

hi @fellowfinch! This is a mod and not a script—you can find it under SYSTEM > MODS; note that loading a mod requires a restart of Norns. Take a look at this page of the docs under “enabling / disabling a mod” for more details :slight_smile:


Oh boy, do I feel silly! Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:

very interesting mod! I’m playing with Choukanzy and grd, and it’s real fun :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing!