CHRDS (web app - chord progressions player)

CHRDS is a web app that allows you to “play” chord progressions with your computer keyboard or smartphone.

Initially, I made that app in order to give a practical access to harmony for my young music students (because everyone isn’t a pianist or a guitarist). Being able to “play” the degrees (and not just chords) helps them to understand how functional harmony works.
Some of my computer music students also like to use it as a track starter (and so do i).

It works ok with Chrome / Safari / Firefox on both computer and smartphone (IOS/Android).

This app is FREE (but if you feel like it you can make a little donation that will help maintaining it online). :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay updated here :

ps: Please send me a DM in order to report bugs etc… (or if you know how to disable that double-tap zoom *ù$^%$ on IOS…


This is really cool! Would be nice to be able to pick a different instrument but don’t know if that’s a big ask :slight_smile:

This is really fun to use. Any plans to add midi output? That way I could see the chord shapes on the piano roll which helps me visualize what’s going on. Either way, an inspiring way to interact with chords.

Very nice. Ability to sequence these simply would be fun.

added to the Web apps for music/video/etc. making wiki. Thanks for sharing, looks really cool!

Cool! Could something like this be easily adapted for Norns+Crow? (Or perhaps something already exists…)

I’m thinking of using the layout/guide to test and select a progression and saving it. Then being able to play through it by triggering etc.

This reminds me of an app I use a lot too:

I like the idea of a web based one too.

I have one suggestion; I like seeing the notes that a suggested chord is made up of so if I want to build interconnected arpeggios, I can still incorporate chord structures in to that process.

Tnx for the feedbacks.

The app is intentionally minimalist and intend to serve but one goal: give everyone the possibility to practice chord progressions :slightly_smiling_face:. The purpose is purely educational.
Most the ideas above are really great but won’t be added to CHRDS. First because there is already a lot of vst/standalone apps that do that kind of advance stuff very well:

The other other reasons are music-teaching related:

Of course it would be fun but also a non-needed distraction for my young students :grin:. I wanted the sound to be kind of neutral (and also not a piano because the idea is that you don’t have to be a pianist to play around with harmony).

That could be implemented though, or at least adding something to keep track of the progression you just played. I need to think about it.

That is more subject to debate (in an educational point of view). I conceived a similar app with MAX/MSP some years ago with a keyboard showing the notes of the chords. The problem is that students tended to just copy the notes of the piano in their DAW without even thinking about intervals and chords content . I really don’t want to give them everything so easily (as i said before, they are kind of lazy ahah). They need to think about what they do in order to deeply acquire that harmony knowledge. But maybe should i add some informations about chords in the help section?

Not at the moment, for the same reasons than notes displaying.

Ok That is a good idea. It could be very playable with a grid or even with a computer keyboard. It could do all kind of stuff like arpeggios, MIDI etc etc… That may be one of my next projects :upside_down_face:


I have the issue that when I change them too fast, they don’t sound.
I miss Minor :wink:

Could you send me a pm with more details (web browser used, phone or computer etc…?).

Ø is the symbol for half-diminished chords. They are the 7th degrees of the major scale (the seventh version of the triad mb5 or m5-). So in C major: B D F A

Secondary dominants are kind of fake V that can lead you to the chord used as their I (especially if you add them a seventh, that make them sound like a V) . You can consider them as little detours. It is very common in pop music.


I want the page to remain as clean and minimal as possible but will think about adding a visual feedback for 8 9 0 in the blank space :+1: