Chris Otchy - recursive

I’m happy to present my new album, Recursive, now available on the Dutch label Ambientologist. It’s available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

I wanted to comment on the algorithms that shape our lives. From Netflix recommendations to the results of a Google search, we rely on algorithms to make decisions for us. That which the algorithms favor blossoms; that which they ignore withers. They are a force that rivals nature in shaping our society.

The album name is also a reference to a specific type of algorithm—that which defines a problem by referring to itself, which seems oddly appropriate to our selfie-obsessed world.

I created it with 6u of modular and a Digitakt, in addition to Ableton for processing and mixing.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for checking it out!

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Looks like that embed didn’t work. Here’s the link