Chris Otchy - Subterranean Landscapes

My album, Subterranean Landscapes, was just released on Constellation Tatsu.

All made with modular with Monome Grid taking on sequencing duties on a lot of these tracks.

Stream the whole thing on Bandcamp!

About the album

Imagined, recorded, mixed and mastered March-November 2018, Subterranean Landscapes is the product of my fascination with electronic music that is either beatless or has fluid time and beat structures.

My earliest exposure to electronic music was rave and club music when I was still in school. I was living in Syracuse, but traveling all over to visit friends and go to parties. My friends and I would travel hours to far flung places hosting all night parties, reveling in the repetitive, trance-inducing techno and house music that seemed to surround us at the time.

We once found ourselves in Canada, and after a night of partying, arrived at a new friend’s house. One of my favorite parts of the night was the chill out. Our host was a bit older than we were, and had a massive collection of records. The music he played for us was effervescent, optimistic, and absorbingly beautiful. To me it sounded like deep house music, but without the beat. I was in love.

As my tastes evolved and deepened, I discovered the long history of experimental and ambient music, and all the artists that contributed to bringing this genre to where it is today. But for some reason, that bright, beautiful morning when I first encountered it somewhere outside Toronto still resonates.

As an artist, I still yearn to re-create for you that moment in my mind’s eye.


Cool stuff, nice goal, I’m gonna snag a tape. I went to a few parties in Ithaca and Binghamton (and probably Syracuse?) around I guess '97 - '99. We may have bumped into each other at some point!

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Very nice work! I’m enjoying this a lot…

Thanks for sharing!

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