Christopher Elmore - PM

For my grandma, one year after her final breath.

I made this recording earlier this week after a particularly rough day, hoping I could transform my sadness into something better. I used a condensed skiff of all-analog modules (for the curious: Maths, STO, DPO, modDemix, Optomix, QPAS, X-PAN, XOH) and created a patch built around a 76hz sine wave, as my grandma was 76 when she passed. It’s a slow, breathing, droning loop with very no digital effects and very little post-production (EQ, compression, and fades applied in DAW) prior to sharing.

I recommend listening with headphones at high volume for the best experience.

For fans of Eleh, Éliane Radigue, Jim O’Rourke, Kevin Drumm, and Kevin Shields.


Sorry for your loss. I hope making this helped ease some of the sadness. It’s a lovely drone.

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Thank you. It certainly did. I almost let the drone ride out for an hour as it was easy to lose myself in it.

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