Christopher Elmore - Two Studies for a Self-Portrait

I’m pleased to announce my newest album, Two Studies for a Self-Portrait.

Our very own @dan_derks wrote this lovely statement to accompany the album:

Casper David Friedrich’s “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” stands as the defining artifact of the Rückenfigur, a figure painted from behind. According to Friedrich, “[t]he painter should paint not only what he has in front of him, but also what he see inside himself.”

To me, much of Christopher’s work is the process of presenting the Rückenfigur in arc shot. His first album, 2015’s “I Am Still Alive,” marked the first anniversary of his continued life after its near-end in the icy waters of Lake Michigan. Subsequent works are additional reflections of a life lived past its assumed endpoint — the sound of persistence, not only sticking around but planting roots and growing. Each new entry in his catalog is another few-degree swing of perspective around the figure.

Though our vantage changes, the scenery is constant — water. It is a theme that Christopher has by no means exhausted, and his relationship to it is re-evaluated in each new work. This exploration also informs his practice as a synthesist. What could easily be mistaken for a processed field recording is actually a carefully crafted expression of circuitry. Christopher’s ability to call up and control the sound of what would have been the last thing he’d hear is a balancing act of defiance and reflection. A flag in the ground to mark that, borrowing his words, he is still alive yet has not forgotten.

In lieu of purchasing this release, please consider donating to a neighborhood-based or city-wide organization to benefit those local to you who need help taking care of themselves.

Here are some valuable resources to consider, local to me here in Chicago:

Brave Space Alliance:

Collaborative for Community Wellness:

Coloring Mental Health Collective:

Sista Afya Community Mental Health:


The first track from this release was featured on the latest episode of A Thick Mist:

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