Christopher Elmore - Waterbody (self-oscillating)


I guess this is the first public release in series of works I’m preparing titled “Waterbody.” The release date is 15 Jan 2019, marking my 32nd year of life.

Recorded by the goddamn saint that is @Dan_Derks.

Patch notes

I’m pretty sure I tore the patch apart as soon as the recording stopped, but if I recall correctly, this consisted of only a few modules, namely: a self-oscillating Erbe-Verb with its CV out controlling Decay, two LFOs from Maths and a sine LFO from DPO VCO A into Vector Space’s i, j, and k inputs, and the Vector Space’s six Plane outputs into Erbe-Verb’s remaining CV inputs. (Mix, Tempo, and Reverse were not used in this patch) Most of the 30-minute duration was spent ever-so-slightly adjusting settings on the Erbe-Verb, listening to the changes, and then making more adjustments.

Latest tracks + videos

Pre-ordered. Can’t wait to listen!


Thanks to @Benjamin_Mauch and @Tyresta for pre-ordering, and thanks to anyone else who has listened thus far!


hell ass yes. stoked for it and stoked to know you, dude.


very nice work music, thanks! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Great! Just bought it!


This sounds lovely! Just ordered it.

I love this sort of meditative exploration of a “simple” sound source and raw electricity.


Just added a little PDF booklet of some artwork to accompany the release.


One of the many inspirations for this recording was the Nurse With Wound album, Soliloquy For Lilith, which I decided to pay homage to in the artwork booklet.