Ciat-Lonbarde DIY building event at Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco

In SF? Build some synths with good people at a great place with a cool vibe. You should purchase the kit through a special link.


I signed up! Although the date of this event seems to coincide with Noisebridge’s lease expiring so hopefully it won’t interfere…

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Thank you for posting this here. Asking after a spot to build the Mobenthey set.

very cool! i’m totally there. won’t be building anything but will be soaking up anything i can.

A little bump to remind every one about this event. It’s coming up! August 18th. I’ll be building the Mobenthey modules. Here’s the link again…

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would so much love to go. I hope Peter can do this in Europe sometimes soon.


Hope to meet some Lines folks this Saturday!

Good to meet you all!

I made a thing!

And I recorded a thing after the workshop!


absolutely love this
is this just the lfm modules?

This sounds great! Hope you record some more!

thanks! It’s a bunch of things.

  • The Dunst module is doing random CV outputs
  • The Fourses module is the thing that sounds like a short wave radio trying to find a signal, I think that output is going into the Aleph
  • Four outputs from Dunst are going to the CV inputs of the Aleph (not pictured) and they control the read position, write position, read speed and write speed of a virtual tape delay module.
  • There’s a Ukelele with a piezo going into the Aleph. Listen with good speakers/headphones for deep 60 cycle hum bass :slight_smile:
  • The “usual” synth sounds are a DX7 rack mount synth I’m playing with my hands

Heya, anyone here that attended the workshop, there were three of us building the Mobenthy modules and it appears I’m short one Swoop module. Was it picked up by accident?

I only have my 8 modules. That’s a bummer :frowning:

I saw a person or two post about the workshop on the “Ciat-Lonbarde cool kids” FB page if you want to try there as well.