I really dig the script though just wanted to say that. Nice work


I 2nd the vote for midi out! I’d love the ability to sequence ext gear with this gem. Thanks @jakecarter!

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I’ve been super busy with my day job but that should be slowing down soon. Will look into midi out as soon as I have time. :+1:


Got crow on Friday. Been busy this weekend. Just got external, from the modular, clocking working. Here’s a demo of Circles being clocked via the modular then outputting trigger, pitch and timber back via crow. Hoping to have this released soon. Need to clean up a few things.


Crow support added! You can get v1.1 here (, or just git pull if you installed that way. Please post here if you use it. I’d love to see what people do!


I like this so much! Thanks for sharing!

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Small update, but something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Added deterministic burst type option. This should allow for more loop like rhythms. Get it while its hot! :slight_smile:


One more quick update. Circles now supports the system saving/loading of params. See the PARAMETERS section of for more information.


With the release of crow 1.0.3 and Norns 200121 the crow + jf messaging bug seems to be fixed so I’m releasing circles 1.4 with crow + jf support! Enjoy!


This video is great! Is all the JF data being sent from the norns alone? I guess the grid is using Kria on the ansible?

Thanks! Kria is ONLY being used as a clock divider. All sounds are JF going through Three Sisters and then into Mimeophon. Norns is talking to crow via USB and crow is talking to JF via the I2C cable. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Is midi support still planned?

Along with that (or even without) it would be handy to be able to adjust the range of notes on screen. Maybe an octave control in the params?

Very fun script, thank you!

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I looked into MIDI a while back, I should look into that again. I’m kind of adding things as I want them and I don’t have a lot of use for MIDI, but I’ll explore it again. Scale selection is definitely something I want. I don’t have a ton of time to spend on this now, but I’ll look into both.

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a second for MIDI please!
don’t own crow and don’t have room in the modular rig for it.
all filled up.


Hoping this makes some of you happy. Still more work to do. You can follow along if you feel comfortable with git. Just check out the midi_support branch.


looking forward to the next release!


Hot off the repo! v1.5 now with 100% more MIDI. Also, you can choose the scale root note and mode in the params. Enjoy!


hi, thanks for the script. i dont get the external clock running (op-z) midi trigger works great.

Hey. Not sure I understand. Are you saying you’re trying to clock Circles via an external clock and it’s not working? Any specifics about what your trying, what you expect to happen and what actually happened are helpful for diagnosing bugs. More details the better. :blush:

@jakecarter iam sorry. i ll try :slight_smile:

actualy the script works like it should.
i can trigger notes from circles and op-z recieve.
if i switch circles to external clock - the circles animation stops.
on op-z midi clock out and midi clock in is activated.

sorry for bad communication :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: if i change the bpm on opz, norns also adjust them