Circuitghost - new EP - That Which Remained


I’ve released another EP, That Which Remains - a sequel to my All That We Lost. There was a bunch of clips and recordings that never made it into All That We Lost, and from the remainders of those, I started work not exactly on a sequel, but sort of a closure to the journey that begins with the first EP.

At first, I figured I’d just make more of the same and merge them into the overall body of All That We Lost and make the piece more complete. But other textures emerged as I started writing new material, and the space in which the music resided, grew. Not quite as close and intimate as All That We Lost, but with a wider horizon, so to speak. In the end, I applied a master reverb on the entire EP, one unified setting to bring it all together and underline the idea of the space that grew, and thereby broke a production rule I had on All That We Lost, that I’d use no fx at all but let the sounds work on their own. I’m doing the same thing here, with the exception of this one reverb that ties it all together.

Like before, there’s only one synth present here, the Prophet 12, with the exception of one track which has drones and ambience from a Prophet 5, and one loop from the Tempest as well. The field recordings are made with the Deluge, at first my weapon of choice because I had no other, but after I’d used it for some time, I realised the results that came out of it, were actually perfect for what I wanted. Due to its limiter and on-board microphone, the audio that goes into it has a very specific character, capturing both the sounds and the space they’re in, with a balance that generates a very unique landscape.

Like before, all the material was put together in the 1010 Blackbox and then summed, mixed and mastered through an SSL SiX with a Chase Bliss CXM 1978 on the output.

I hope you like it. It’s a closure for stuff I’ve been doing and working on for some time, and I don’t know where I’ll go from here. I’ve even wrapped up my gear and put it in storage, and the desk is now completely empty, while I wait for new ideas to emerge.


Congratulations on the release, friend! It’s another thoughtful and enjoyable set of tunes. As before, it’s over too soon!

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i’ll check it out, quite curious to hear this in context and compare to your previous release…cheers!

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Thank you <3 well, both of them together makes for almost an hour, so there’s always that :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on any perceived difference, especially if you haven’t heard the previous one before. I’m quite clear on which one I prefer, but then again, some time maybe needs to pass before I can be anything resembling objective on the matter.

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I am really enjoying this. “Drifts” is sooooooo good. I didn’t want it to end—what a vibe. Really nice work.

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Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say. Yes, Drifts is growing to be my favourite and I might explore more along those lines. It stands out as a bit of a promise of what might come. Would have to dig up my Tempest again, the beats came from a Tempest and the beat fx and live performance were both a great part of creating that loop, along with the slicing and random looping of those slices from the Blackbox.

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