circuitghost - new EP - With the Fall (made with OP-1 Field only)

Hey all,

I’ve made another release, this one entirely on the OP-1 Field, with Chase Bliss gear for (a lot of) flavour and the TX-6 for mixing and mastering.

For process, I used the Field’s internal microphone to record ambience where I live. Sounds from the river, the wooded hill close to my home and the specific echoes from people moving about in the small field by the mountain, outside my house. No, it’s not as picturesque as it sounds, but it’s a small spot with lots of variation both in sound sources and acoustics, so I’ve tried to make the most of it.

All music was recorded with patches made by @rephazer onto the Field’s tape, and then I ran the result through various Chase Bliss gear. All tracks have a mix of this technique, where I blend bloops and moods, habits and CXM:s freely in the same song. So there’s no coherent approach here, but rather what I felt each tape track from the Field needed to make the most of it, processing that and then bringing it back into the Field again for putting the song together.

The final results were recorded onto the TX-6 live, tweaking the Field’s tape effects while I performed the final parts while recording, applying very subtle TX-6 eq and onboard reverb during recording. No compression, only slight limiting.

I never intended to make this into a release and these tracks are my favourites from say 20 or so songs I’ve written since I got the Field. Some of them I just picked for this release and they were fine as they were, and some needed a little extra love to fit into the overall context of the album.

But yes, I’m quite pleased with the end result and would love to hear your opinions, feedback, rants and chants, blessings and curses, hurrahs or boohs :slight_smile:

You take care now and stay safe,