Claire Cronin - 'Bloodless'

my partner Claire’s new full-length is out today on Orindal records.

as is Marcos Sanchez’s video for ‘Feel This,’ which i like very much

(process notes)

for a rather straightforward record (singing and guitar,) it has been an arduous journey getting here.

in comparison to the last one, which was tracked in a studio environment in 3 days, we tracked bloodless at home taking as long as we wanted to get the right takes, add layers etc.

therefore, tracking ended up being a pretty long period of time, spanning major world/life events like moving across the country, enduring wildfires and coronavirus, and embarking on parenthood.

the tracks were mixed and mastered with touches of synth by our dear friend John Dieterich (of the band Deerhoof among many others.)

claire played guitar and sang. john added touches of keyboard here and there. i played everything else
(mostly violas and baritone guitar) except for our beloved label dad owen ashworth contributing some synths to “No Forcefield.” (where you hear probably the most exotic synth on the record, a Moog Opus doing some string pads. the other synth parts are mostly Minilogue XD.)

most recordings were done with direct guitar and two vocal mics. (beta sm57, plus one of several different inexpensive condensers.) john and i each did some re-amping.

(there is an awkward conversation between the 3 of us here at talkhouse which goes into some more discussion on recording processes / mindsets.)

between signing off on the master recording and the release, has been something like 10 months, an unprecedented amount of time in my experience. in the interim we have been still basically quarantined (now with a baby who can’t be vaxxed) and have not played any shows (except for some live video stuff we’ll be sharing next week or so.) (the second Big Dread Moon tour was cancelled a couple weeks into it, in march 2020.) so altogether it feels off-kilter and strangely anticlimatic as a, hm, social / cultural event.

that said, i am very happy with the record and with the songs. i think its a strong set and glad we took the time / effort to capture them this way as organically as possible. i hope that others find them as moving and illuminating as i do.

ok thanks for listening


Congratulations! I look forward to digging into this. The teaser tracks were really excellent.

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Awesome. Seconding that the teasers blew my mind. Congrats on the release, ezra!!


I deeply connected with Claire’s previous record, and gave this one a few cursory listens at work this morning.

This is another really great record!


thank you taking time with this
and the context/liner notes

very excited to hear it


This is a beautiful record, thank y’all for making it and sharing it. :black_heart: “I Could Not Let Blood” is a particular favorite so far – confirmed earworm and especially lovely words.

And that video, whew. You spoke highly of it before and I have to agree. Pure refined goosebumps.


been meaning to order the lp, just listened to full album in car today. I love the 2nd song (I think?) with the more distorted guitar and viola. looking forward to sitting with this one more- the last album has been played probably more than any other in our house since it came out.


vinyl has shipped and came out nice.

i should have thought to post this earlier oops. but claire is playing at Union Pool in brooklyn tonight, like in 15 minutes. (time zone got me.) i am at home with the baby but we still intend to release a “live at home” video set sometime soon. and with luck some west coast shows in early 2022.


claire is doing a few west coast shows in may with Advance Base and Karima Walker.

(full list, links)

I’ll probably be playing in the / bay area shows, and minding the home / child for the rest.


This is great. Too bad you aren’t coming to the PNW shows.

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very bummed to not be back on the west coast for this one. loved the album and would have loved to see the two of you play.

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small thing tomorrow. orindal record “video showcase” includes a performance by Claire in our house. I play a little vla off screen. Of course many other rad people are likewise contributing at home vids and hanging out in the chat.