Classical music composers


daniel lentz
john luther adams
ellen fullman
alvin lucier
alvin curran
joseph celli
larry polansky
hans otte
harold budd
john adams
jon gibson




whoa, where you at calarts? when?


It was York University in Toronto. Jim came there in 1976 and stayed until 2000 when he went back to CalArts. I studied with him '76-'79, then worked closely with him until I left Toronto in '86. I played in the world premieres of many of his pieces, including Chromatic Canon (1980) and Bridge (1985). Great guy!



wow thanks for posting this!


Great!! Love his music! I did a monome patch for performance of Tenney’s ‘Harmonium 2’ some time ago (for 256 grid). It’s based on three oscillator banks (which allows for 100% accurate tuning).


Very Steve Reich, but slightly off-kilter. Ina very good way!
Never heard of him!
Very nice, like comfort food! :wink:


yeah there’s lots of interesting Italian music from the 70s that was very influenced by American minimalism in weird ways

Die Schachtel has (re)released a bunch of this stuff over the years

a few other favs are:

Luciano Cilio - Dell’Universo Assente
Lino Capra Vaccina - Antico Adagio


speaking of Die Schachtel… Giovanni Di Domenico & Jim O’Rourke’s “Arco” is incredible music, might be my favourite thing I heard last year


never heard any of these italian guys karl

great find


I find myself returning to late 70s Morton Feldman over and over again. I really love the way he uses the triangles in Flute and Orchestra.

and Jo Kondo, because there can never be enough cowbell


Great interview with Steve Reich.

#54 Rewatching / listening to this lately


Anton Webern


Last night, for the first time, I saw Crumb’s “Black Angels” performed live!


That’s very cool! Is there a recording or a patch available? I played in the first performance of this piece with Jim conducting, about a week after he finished writing it. (I think I was 19 yo.)


How about Jon Hassell? Not sure he would like being called a “classical” composer, but he did study with Stockhausen and play with Terry Riley and LaMonte Young. His “Forth World” music certainly wouldn’t have happened without the classical music experimental tradition. Here’s a recent clip:

and here are some personal concert recordings I made when I was in his band in 1982:


@mglp nice! I performed Harmonium 2 a couple of times over the last few years in both acoustic and electro-acoustic settings. It’s funny how this piece is not at all demanding to perform but at the same time so very intense.

You can find the patch attached to this post. I cleaned it up a little and put in some performance info (reset function not working properly though). Thinking about incorporating this version in an upcoming performance (with 3 256 grids - could be an interesting project, me thinks).

Harmonium 2(56).zip (2.4 MB)