Classical music composers


john cage - 13 harmonies


Sorry for the slight tangent, but probably a good thread to hint at the “Meet the Composer” podcast that @ether had mentioned in the podcast recommendation thread already last year. Lots of interesting music and conversation to be had.


Philippe Hurel: Tombeau in memoriam Gérard Grisey


does anybody know any interesting scores they could mention?


do you know this thread?

lots of interesting things in there!


thanks hadn’t seen that. however i was actually more looking for some instructive/rule/text based stuff than visual stuff (if that makes sense), but cool thread anyway!


Posted this earlier in the thread:

John Cage wrote many rule-based compositions. His Number Pieces are quite popular amongst improv groups.

Would love to hear about other similar work.


maybe the compositions of @Rodrigo are similar?:



Steve Reich’s Piano Phase on Game Boys


Listening now to the John Luther Adams episode, really interesting talk and beautifully produced!



I’ve been listening to a lot of Franz Liszt lately. I think his Le Mal Du Pays is pretty much perfect.

That said, I often find myself listening to Carlo Gesualdo’s Tenebrae, or any Erik Satie at work.

I also think Nico Muhly is absolutely incredible.


I’ll add Michael Torke. starting a Pandora playlist with Steve Reich you get a lot of very good suggestions!


a friend of mine has been practicing this piece. so good


dropping some Nancarrow into this thread just because


I was just listening to ionisation by Varese, one of my favorite use of percussion in classical music. Also, amazing rendition by l’ensemble intercontemporain, it’s not an easy thing to apprehend as an instrumentist.




kate moore