Cleaning Eurorack (Mannequins) Panels

All my euro is used, some of it is a bit gunky… I’ve read a bit of alcohol is good for getting oily residue off, just wondering if that’s safe with the way specifically mannequins panels are printed, but also other aluminum panels if people have experience/knowledge.

If anyone has other suggestions I’m all ears, I’ve read soapy water as well which seems… not right lol.

Alcohol is 100% ok on the panels. They use metalphoto for the graphics which is one of the most resilient processes available on aluminium.

The potentiometers on the other hand are very sensitive to moisture. Soapy water is a bad idea. Alcohol should be fine, but try to avoid getting it in the pot shafts.


Not Mannequins-specific, but I tend to use eyeglass cleaning solution sprayed on a microfiber (rather than directly on the panel) and it tends to work well without any print-loss. Some have alcohol (probably much more dilute) and some don’t, but I haven’t noticed much difference in cleaning effectiveness.

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for gunky schmutz I use the lens wipes I use for my camera (again, panel only) and haven’t had problems. I also have a little dust brush that does well for, uh, dust.


I’ve also used Goo Gone & mineral spirits (turpentine) which is some heavy duty stuff - then washed it off with soapy water. If you do this make sure you remove the panel from the circuit board first!!!.