Cleaning up Ableton drum racks

Does anybody here know how, after slicing a sample to a drum rack and deleting the slices that aren’t interesting, I can “clean up” the rack so my samples won’t be all over the place with dead notes in between? It sounds like something so simple that I can’t imagine it’s not possible in Ableton, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.

You mean like a short cut / function to clean up the rack? That would be useful, but I don’t know of any other methods than to just manually rearrange the different splices dragging them into the blank spaces.

Can you not just cut n paste them into suitable cells in the drum rack?

If there’s a quicker way, I want to learn it too!!!

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, but it’s a pain in the back if you’re working on a project with tons of field recordings you need to slice. I just assumed somebody at Ableton must have thought of that.

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I hate when you get the msg ‘this will create 256’ slices :man_facepalming:t2: And you know you’ll only be using a handful.

There should be something akin to arranging icons on a desktop.

Yes. And some more functionality like selecting a bunch of them and give them a volume boost or a filter, but not all of them. The way it is, the slicing itself is a great function, but the process to use those slices afterwards isn’t very user-friendly. I just sent them a feature request, feel free to do the same to increase chances of being heard:

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I guess one way to prevent this from happening would be to add warp markers manually and then split by markers instead of by transients, that way you’d not end up with unwanted slices.

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Yup, lots of time too but I think that’s the cleaner way to do it.

If you’re Max for Live friendly, I believe you could write a patch that slices audio into clips, then work with the clips and put them into a rack when it’s all said and done.

Yeah that’s probably what I should do. It’s just that I like slicing first, because then I can launch the different slices with my keyboard while editing with the mouse, and more easily compare between slices to see if I don’t get duplicates.

That sounds like a pretty good workaround. I guess I’ll have to get over my reluctance and get more familiar with Max after all.

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I’m assuming you know that you can drag-n-drop in the pad area… Sadly you can’t multi-select in the pad area. Still, a bit easier than cut-n-paste.

§18.6.1 in the manual offers this:

If a multi-selection of samples is dropped onto a pad, new Simplers and chains will be mapped upwards chromatically from this pad, replacing any other samples that may have already been assigned to the pads in question (but, as before, leaving any effects devices alone).

So if you can sort out your desired samples into a folder in the browser, you can then drag them back into a new rack and get them chromatically assigned. Alas, this doesn’t work with Simplers, only samples.