Cleanly Sharing Instagram Posts on lines

Any time I post an instagram link, it ends up huge and includes a bunch of white space where comments would go. Here’s an example post.

It really clutters threads, and I’d love to figure out how to get my posts to show up cleanly like this.

Any thoughts? All I’m doing is copy/pasting the URL of the post from the browser. Not using any of the “share” options – literally just opening the post in its own window, copying that URL and pasting.



huh, I can’t seem to reproduce this. granted, the above is a picture and not a video…

even taking a look at the sources of the links in the two posts, the formats seem identical…

Thanks for looking @alanza. I actually DM’d the poster of the ex I used where it looked good, and their process was the same as mine (and same as what I’ve described in the OP).

I’m wondering if the embed option on IG is a better approach; will try that below:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ryan Deeter (@ryanchawpsdeeter)

*Edit: yeah, that didn’t work either…

Not sure if it helps but I noticed that when I create a video post (nowadays forced as a “reel”), I need to post it here by copying its URL from a web browser rather than from tbe IG app. Pain in the ass but the only way it works for me at all.

instagram sucks, everything else shows up here fine even with all the high-security settings on my browser, but if i want to view instagram links here i have to switch to my special “Lines/Instagram” browser(Safari :rofl: ) where i leave the security settings off, otherwise it looks like this:

can humans come up with a form of ‘socializing’ where we don’t always have to guard our hearts from the socio-economic manipulative narcissism that pervades corporate-american software-developer’s ideas of how people should interact?

[fake edit] oh crap, i really shouldn’t come online so early in the morning, sorry for my mini-rant. :tea:


+1 in earnest, but I think this is aside from the main discussion (which is about tweaking the presentation of the embeds)

(Maybe we should talk to the discourse devs about options for disabling embeds?)

I’ve got a similar set up that blocks all iframes so insta, soundcloud, youtube, vimeo embeds all show up as blank space. It’s self-imposed ugliness and hassle, but if I’m eager to see something I can dig into the page source to find the URL and visit in another browser or via a mirror. I’d like to have an option in the discourse settings to replace the embeds with a link to the external site, but I imagine that’s not readily available and I’d have to take that up with discourse. My main frustration with it is that I don’t know anything about what’s supposed to be embedded, especially when it’s embedded without context.

update: posted about it at the discourse meta forums.


Exactly what I’ve been trying but not getting the same results. I’m usually on a Windows machine using Firefox when I’m posting on lines. I’ll try my next one from a Mac, maybe with Safari as mentioned in another comment.

I copy mine with Chrome on mac. I noticed that URLs that have “/reel/” in their path don’t work but those with “/p/“ do.

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Maybe I’m not following, but if you mean you don’t see a huge white box that should contain comments below the picture you posted, then maybe the issue is not how the picture is posted, but how the viewer views the thread. I absolutely see a big white box below your post. (For later test posts in this thread I also see variously an empty gray box with only link text and an empty black box with some header graphics but no content.)

I’m reading llllllllines in Firefox on an Android phone, and I do not have an Instagram account.

I do notice in general that some Instagram embeds show me content and some do not.

It’s a shame you’re being so readily dismissed at the meta forums. I wonder if this could qualify as a visual bug? Seems reasonable that there should be some sort of fallback content when embeds are being blocked. That might be more accepted by devs than the baggage of a new feature.

Another data point for the thread:

I’m on iOS 16.2 using safari with all the privacy features on that I know of. I see the large blank space where the embeds should be.


Since we’re on the subject, am I the only one who can’t see an IG embeds/posts via their phone? They always appear as white spaces with no clickable content.

Only the embed above by chawps is gray and clickable, yet still the post itself doesn’t appear at all. I wonder, is it my device?