clipper: smarter sample clipping


slice and save samples for monome norns

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 4.41.57 PM

this is a utility library, similar to @Justmat’s sam with some performative features. it was built to help me learn softcut and also make it easier to cut up samples for scripts that utilize them (cheatcodes, goldeneye, etc.)

this code will also be used as the foundation for a more complex (and hopefully musical) script i am building called splnkr.



key/encoder controls

instructions for key/encoder controls may be accessed while running the script on norns by pressing k1+e3

  • All screens
    • e2: next/prev control
  • Screen 1: select/play sample
    • k2: select sample to slice up
    • e3: incr/decr playhead
    • k3: start/stop playhead
  • Screen 2: play mode
    • k2/k3: delete/add cutter
    • e3: change play mode
  • Screen 3: adjust cut ends
    • k2/k3: delete/add cutter
    • k1 + e2: select cutter
    • k1 + e3: adjust cutter
    • k1 + e1: fine adjust cutter
    • e3: select cutter end
  • Screen 4: move cutter
    • k2/k3: delete/add cutter
    • k1 + e2: select cutter
    • k1 + e3: adjust cutter
    • k1 + e1: fine adjust cutter
  • Screen 5: adjust rate
    • k2/k3: delete/add cutter
    • k1 + e2: select rate
    • e3: adjust all cutter rates
    • k1 + e1: fine adjust rate
    • k1 + e3: adjust selected cutter rate
  • Screen 6: adjust level
    • k2/k3: delete/add cutter
    • e3: adjust level
  • Screen 7: autogenerate cutters
    • e3: autogenerate clips by level (up to 20)
    • k1 + e3: autogenerate clips with even spacing (up to 20)

recording clips

clips may be recorded from the PARAMETERS>EDIT menu. what gets recorded depends on the play mode setting:

  • stop: record the entire sample
  • full loop: record the entire sample
  • all cuts: record all sample areas set by cutters
  • sel cut: record the sample area set by the selected cutter

important note: if play mode is set to all cuts, all rate settings must either be positive or negative.

installation from maiden


GitHub link


fix bugs and improve usability (e.g. when cutting up a sample into > 15 pieces)


many thanks to @infinitedigits and @zebra for coding advice!


having taken inspiration from @infinitedigits new program teoperator for the op-1 and op-z, the clipper script for norns now places clip markers where it determines there’s a sudden rise or fall in signal.

note, there are some bugs still to be worked out, e.g, the clip markers and playhead indicator don’t always match the visual representation of the audio sample super accurately.


this is so great @jaseknighter. I love being able to manipulate samples and this makes it so easy to chop right on the norns!