Clock options not appearing on latest Press Cafe patch?

Hey folks. Downloaded the most recent Press Cafe for Max 7, and the Clock options aren’t showing up. I’d like to sync it to Live. Thanks for any suggestions.

i have an m4l port of press cafe u could try. here-
i dunno about the max 7 version, sorry.

Brilliant. Thanks (again!..loving your MLR port too.)

These M4L ports are incredible! They should be more readily ‘findable’ on the Monome site. Awesome stuff.

Have any desire to port Electric Dharma Wheels :smile:

yw. : )

i don’t have an arc, so don’t have any desire to port arc apps. if u have any interest in doing it yourself though, this article will help. (it helped me when i was getting started.)

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I know the answer is going to be obvious…but what is the function of the autofocus pull-down in many of these patches?

‘track’ autofocus is default- when a track is selected in live, the monome app on that track assumes control of the monome hardware.

‘plug-in’ autofocus is used if you have two or more monome applications on the same track. focus is applied when the plug-in itself is selected.

‘off’ turns off autofocus completely.

keep in mind, if you have autofocus set to ‘track’ and the app’s track number changes (either by inserting a track before it or moving the app to another track), u need to click the autofocus refresh button for it to recognize the new track number and still autofocus properly.

Great, thanks!

Another benefit of using these patches as M4L plugs is that the sync timing is MUCH tighter for me.

BEAST! I agree with dudadius that your contributions should have more visibility. Thanks so much elquinto.