Clocking Ansible from Just Friends (or other similar LFO source)

I’ve been puzzled by the behaviour of Ansible when clocked from LFOs. It seems very “jumpy” and will advance a whole bunch of steps (and then sometimes none at all) each cycle of an LFO. Specifically, I really want to use Just Friends in shape/cycle mode to clock ansible, but no matter how I set the shape of the pulse from Just Friends the module behaves erratically. (There doesn’t appear to be a similar problem sending triggers to Teletype from the same sources.) I see somewhere that Ansible will advance on both a rising and falling edge, which strikes me as somewhat unusual behaviour, but in any case isn’t enough to explain the odd behaviour that I’m seeing.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a straightforward way to clock Ansible from, e.g., Just Friends. Could the clock in behaviour be changed in firmware?


i came across similar behaviour today - using batumi or tides, the clocking is very jumpy and erratic, but no issues if i clock ansible from crow (via output 4). i’d be interested to know why this is, if anyone has any ideas?

(sorry for bumping this thread, perhaps there is somewhere else i should’ve asked?)