Clouds & Braids ported to Max/M4L

M4L devices based upon the mutatedtexturizer~ & mutatedmacrooscillator~ externals by Timo Rozendal, which are themselves ports of Olivier’s Clouds and Braids code


Yes, they are by Timo Rozendal, and he’s also putting the finishing touches to a Rings port. All these work only on a Mac.


Nice. I’m a sucker for resonators! :grin:

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This is great, though I feel a little dissonance seeing chunks of my rack made less purposeful. Especially clouds as I don’t usually take a whole lot of advantage of the cv-ability. Rings though I think really shines full of patch cables. Also as a send effect so I can see that becoming an ableton send on my laptop as well.

I have two Rings and one Clouds in my system but I’m still very excited for these ports. Been looking for a while to find a good sustitute for both modules when jamming on the computer.

both sounds really great ! thank you for the info :wink:

has anyone got the links to Timo’s Max externals?

BTW: Ive also ported the MI code over to pure data - Windows/Mac/Linux (arm and intel)

(and as someone mentioned elsewhere to Axoloti)

on Arm, Ive also done some patches, that run on the Organelle, and rPI.

currently Ive done, Clouds, Elements, Braids, Warps - Rings is done (iirc) but Ive not done the demo patches for.

porting these externals over to Max, I guess should be fairly trivial… but no point, if someone has already done it - Im actually a bit tempted to just create a bunch of VSTs instead :wink:


VSTs would be even better!

Quoting Olivier, the creator himself:

[…]Clouds won’t make clouds unless you patch attenuated random sources to its CV inputs (corollary: your Doepfer mini-case with Clouds and an Intellijel audio interface is not what I would call a good starter system).

Maybe you should experiment a bit with Clouds’ CV inputs. I mean, nothing wrong with using it like a “static” FX module imho, but I think there’s a lot to discover, that one does not suspect being there, going beyond that.


Haha I knew someone would pull that quote up. I guess I actually do a lot of twiddling of clouds in lieu of cv.

They are included in the “unfrozen” version. But he seems to have only compiled the mac-version, so no luck for linux/windows users.

Sorry I should have been clearer , I meant the source code for the max externals.

Damn…always a bridesmaid, never a Shades port.


could you point us to any tips on how to begin with these… I really don’t understand what it means when it says you can use ‘make install’
in the terminal window?
not even sure which files to download from the github… do i just use the ‘clone or download’ button and put everything somewhere?

any pointers welcome!

sorry, i don’t have the bandwidth to explain how to build these things…
(it requires you to have various developer tools installed etc… and that is not simple on some platforms)

I’ll try to release some binaries builds asap, though I’m pretty busy at the moment.

There’s a dark force that makes me quote Olivier in these situations sorry :smiley:


You could open the M4L in Max 7 then use BEAP signal to VST parameter & a DC coupled interface to do CV manipulation of parameters no?

also this reminds me of my favourite Eurorack joke:

Q: Whats the difference between Mutable Instruments Modules and a VST?
A: Rogan knobs.

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I was poking around the braids one by clicking the “view in max” when it was on a track in ableton…didn’t seem like anything was compiled in a way I couldn’t get access.

@jlmitch5 those would be the compiled binaries. He’s looking for the source code for the externals. That’d be C/C++ code.

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Ah gotcha, yeah everything I was seeing was basically interface “code” (“midi signal gate and pitch is split and sent to this other place” kind of stuff)