Co-creation and community for beginners

One really fun way to bring a few collaborators into sync (both literally and figuratively) is to share more than just a clock.
I play a modular and when I jam with other modular or desktop-device playing friends, we run a few cables between us. We have a master clock (usually stable:), but with dividers and multipliers handy, it doesn’t mean we share a fixed tempo.
But we also usually share some pitch CV. Everyone has their own method(s) of triggering notes, modifying or modulating the CV, transposing it, controlling it… it doesn’t always go into a V/Oct… but it often provides a general scale and often includes progressions or sometimes abrupt changes… that everyone consumes in real-time! It’s just one less thing to think about so you can concentrate on all the other things!
We do always tune before hand.