Coast Express: 0-Coast MIDI Settings Manager for Web and Max

Coast Express: 0-Coast MIDI Settings Manager for Web and Max

Coast Express is settings manager for the Make Noise 0-Coast that makes it easy to change the settings to determine how the MIDI A and MIDI B react to MIDI messages. There are two versions:

For the Web

The easiest way to use Coast Express is the web version. Visit in the Chrome browser to get started. (Note that it should also work in Edge and Opera and possibly even in some Android browsers, but I haven’t had a chance to test any of those yet. As far as I know, no other browser currently supports the Web MIDI API.)

Coast Express Web Screenshot

For Max

(If you are experiencing déjà vu, that’s because the Max version was previously released under the name Coast Works.)

The Max version provides a few extra widgets not (yet?) available for the web version:

  • An onscreen keyboard to send MIDI notes.
  • A dial to send Mod Wheel.
  • MIDI clock out.
  • Interface is reflected in Mira for display on an iPad.

Download the Max patch here.

Coast Express Max Screen Shot


Coast Works is open source under the MIT license and available on GitHub.


Minor update published with a couple of new features.

Saving Patches - Version 1 did save your settings, but only the latest. Now there is a save menu that enables you to save more than one setup for easy access. Data is saved to your browser so is only available in the computer/browser where you created the patches.

Sharing - You can send a setup to others via a web link that you can share (via email or whatever). I don’t know for how many people this will be useful, but I’ve got a collaboration going in which I need it so there it is.


I recently discovered that my 0-Coast was not on the most recent firmware version. Starting with firmware 1.6.8, the MIDI setting functionality was changed to require you to enter the Program Pages on the 0-Coast before it will accept settings changes via MIDI CC. I’ve updated the apps to provide better instructions. So if you tried Coast Express in the past and it didn’t work for you, well, that’s probably why. The new documentation should now be able get you started.