Cocktails and Spirits


I thought I would start something specifically for imbibing.
My wife and I love mixing up cocktails. At one point I did an inventory and we had 137 different bottles of spirits/shrubs/bitters/tinctures.
I’ll start offf with one of my favorite personal recipes.
—-Meghan’s Cure—
2oz Campari
2oz Lemon
1oz Carpano Antica
.5oz Fernet Branca
.5oz Green Chartruse
3 Dashes Pychauds Bitters
3 Dashes Angostura Bitte
Shake with ice, strain and serve in a coupe

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here we go @saintcloud


That’s quite a botanical load, there.


I invented it for my wife when she was sick. They’re all traditionally “medicinal”


Another personal favorite. Sounds nuts but it’s so good. It’s a heavy hitter though.
—-Rum Three Ways—-
1oz El Dorado 5 Year
1oz Metuzelum
1oz Smith and Cross
.5oz Vida
.5oz Velvet Falernum
.25oz Luxardo
Stir and serve with a single large cube


If I had some chartreuse I would give Meghan’s Cure a go as it sounds up my alley. Not too often I have 6 oz. cocktails :slight_smile: My bar is a bit smaller (maybe 50 bottles of stuff?)… it’s an expensive hobby, although less expensive than audio gear and sometimes more inspiring.

Some likes:
Fee’s Old Fashioned > Angostura
Gran Classico > Campari
Rye Manhattans with Carpano Antica and Black Walnut Bitters… some times I think the rye matters less than the bitters / vermouth

Not at the point where I’m making up too many of my own drinks yet, but looking forward to trying what other people post here!


This one sounds amazing.


Ha yeah it is a bit unorthodox but its pretty low alchohol so its not tooo crazy


I tend more towards tiki style drinks, but also have a fondness for reworking shitty 80s cocktails into better things, with better ingredients. This one is somewhere in the middle and is going on the menu in the bar I’m in the process of opening. It is called Batugo’s Beach Yeti, named after Valerio ‘Bobby’ Batugo - based on his ‘The Best Year’ which won him the USBG National Championships in 1975. I don’t do vodka, and won’t be stocking it, so finding a way to balance this one involved a lot of neon blue alcoholic slushy experiments.

60ml White Rum (I prefer Plantation 3 Stars or Mount Gay Silver)
20ml Licor 43
20ml De Kuyper Blue Curacao
15ml Luxardo Maraschino
15ml Lime
90ml Pineapple Juice

Chuck it all in a blender with about half a cup of ice. Serve in a hurricane or tiki mug, with a pineapple leaf and a cherry on a pick. Umbrella optional.


—The Whiskey Sloe-Down—
2oz Bullit Rye
.5oz Plymouth Slow Gin
.5oz Cynar
.3oz Luxardo
3 Dashes Regans Orange Bitters
Orange Twist


that sounds nice! might have to give it a try


I recently received a bottle of Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin for Christmas. Would love some suggestions on ingredients that might compliment it. My wife is a fan of classic martinis.


oh that looks interesting. On their website that have a few that actually look pretty delicious .
the standouts for me are the Ammaro Sour, White Negroni and the kettlebell. A bees knees is always good too. or a French 75


If she likes classic drinks, there is a chance she might like an Aviation, I play fast and loose with recipe specs, but my recipe for one is 45ml of gin, 15m of maraschino liqueur, 30 lemon juice, if you can get it 10ml of violet liqueur turns it blue and adds a nice bit of flora to the drink - if they like it sweet like I do, I add 10ml of 2:1 sugar syrup as well.

I’m a big fan of sweet and sour, so my favourite way of using any spirit is in a 3:2:1 formula.
3 parts booze, 2 parts sour, 1 part sweet. I make daiquiris, gin sours, whiskey sours…basically everything as a variation on this rule.


Ok, here’s a seasonally-appropriate modern classic:

Duke of Suffolk
First, whip up some cream: you want it well aerated, but pourable. Don’t add sugar.
Second, brew up a combo of English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea. Inexpensive tea bags work fine, here; just don’t oversteep and keep it hot hot hot. (Maybe do this all in a sauce pan so you can keep it over a low flame.) Stir in sugar to taste—it should be sweet, but it’s flexible.
Warm a mug (or two) with hot water—an Irish Coffee glass is ideal here, but we don’t all have those. Wine glasses work too.
To each drinking vessel, add:
1.25 oz dry gin (Hendrick’s, Fords, or an old school London Dry Gin)
4 oz of your hot sweetened tea, above
Float some unsweetened whipped cream on top. No additional garnishing necessary.

This drink was created by Giuseppe Gonzales in 2016 in New York. It’s magnificent. It’s also amazing that such a blindingly obvious drink wasn’t popularized long ago.

More like this:


Some of the best ones are total facepalms :man_facepalming:


One of my favourites cocktails is also by Giuseppe (well fine tuned at the least) the Trinidad Sour. It has become a little bit of a ‘bartenders handshake’ here, much to my delight. I’m not one of those bartenders who looks down on people for not liking things, but this one does a great job of sorting out ‘real bartenders’ from the lazy, leanto managerial types.

45ml Angostura Bitters
15ml Rye Whiskey
30ml Orgeat
20-25ml Lemon Juice.
Shake, double strain.


This is one of my favourite cocktails to order, because I can never make one that tastes good as someone elses.

Charlie Chaplin
30ml Apricot Brandy
30ml Sloe Gin
30ml Lime
Shake, double strain.

This one seems really contingent on ingredients, if you find a place that does it well do what I do and order 3 at once to save your bartender some time.


i’m not much of a mixologist, but i love making punch when the occasion calls for it. i made this one for our christmas party, and it really did the trick :ok_hand: plus, the revolutionary-era history is a good conversation starter.

for the punch:

  • 1 liter (4¼ cups) Jamaican Gold rum (such as Appleton Estate)
  • 2 cups Cognac
  • 1 cup peach liqueur (such as Bols)
  • 1¼ cups sugar
  • 1½ cups fresh lemon juice

for the ice ring:

  • 2 cups sliced fresh (or frozen, thawed) peaches
  • 12 sprigs thyme


I definitely need to get my mixer game on. I don’t even have any decent bitters at home right now. Any must-haves, outside of angostura, in y’alls opinion?