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Are these big brands in the states? It seems that the bigger companies here in Australia seem to dominate the shelves too. I found a small operation running out of Sydney that I’ll be going to see soon, with alcohol you’re sometimes limited to international companies for their niche products, but I’d like to be stocking as many small companies as possible in the bar.

On a side note, I bought the Noma Guide to Fermentation, there are so many awesome ideas in it that I’d love to try. Especially, like Empirical Spirits has done, making Koji Spirits.



Not really. There are so many small batch companies here now. If you ever want me to send you something let me know.



Ooo. Reminds me, I need to check on my Kombucha!



Live tasting review…

I bought the SPICE 94 one.

Trying it with my usual tonic (nothing fancy, Sainsbury own brand as I don’t enjoy more flavoured tonics).

It smells, medicinal (only way I can think of describing it). Totally dominant flavour of cloves. I find it pleasant, but not what I expected and a little one dimensional. I have tested far worse real gins and, technically, this is not trying to imitate gin. I will probably keep drinking it as I have the bottle but wouldn’t be in a rush to replace it



any of yall have tips for buying spirits online?



I haven’t tried this yet but I like the whole concept of hacking whiskey.
I’m told you have to let the blend marry in the bottle for some time.



It really depends on what you’re buying. If you’re after awesome craft spirits, often the distillers websites themselves are the best bet (and they make the most money back.)

I don’t know if they’re any good, but I’ve been wanting to try both American brands - St George Spirits, and Two James (if anyone can get me a bottle of doctor bird sometime in the future, I can trade vegemite/Australian booze.)

Start with searching for local producers, see who is doing the most interesting stuff and then branch out to harder to find spirits.



I keep putting off responding to this thread and I’m not sure why. Hi, my name’s Brit and I love cocktails. But my fiancee Norma is the one that gets me off my lazy butt to make them more often than not. :slight_smile:

We’ve got ~50 bottles and love Penicillins or most anything with Green Chartreuse. A personal favorite summer drink I haven’t seen written up elsewhere is a Girl from the North Country. It came from our first date spot, Atlanta’s H. Harper Station (rip) run by Jerry Slater. My “good enough” guesstimate is as follows:

  • 2 parts Gin (we like St. Augustine’s)
  • 1 part Cocchi Americano
  • 1 part Thyme Syrup
  • 1 part Lemon juice
  • 1 egg white

Shake and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

I’ve also been really enjoying European Alliances lately:

  • 2 parts Irish Whiskey
  • 1 part Cynar
  • 1 part Domaine de Canton

Stir, strain into a highball and garnish with a lemon twist.



i can vouch for St George! ive had most of their stuff and its pretty impressive. Their Agricole rum is out of control

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i can make that happen once i get off this tv show im working on



and what part of the world you are in



great tips!

similar approach to music then i guess.

va, usa

near washington dc



A Tiki fan who doesn’t “do” vodka is a person I can relate to.



btw I photo-documented my Tiki phase: here:

Alas I’m back to beer & wine with the occasional Margarita when I’m out, but I still believe in the $100 dollar Mai-Tai. You can find the recipe here but buying the ingredients will set you back a hundred dollars or so.

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I’d appreciate it! Don’t rush though, my collection of booze at the moment is ridiculous and I am still waiting on the license for my bar. Gotta sell some before I get any more. If there is any Australian spirits or liqueurs you are interested in, please let me know.



That is an awesome collection of photos and drinks! Definitely a person after my own heart. I love a good Mai Tai too, I make a variant using cachaca, Jamaican rum and Cointreau rather than dry curacao, bit sweeter…but lots of flavour. I haven’t really found a way of making an excellent orgeat, but its going to be one of my goals with the bar to create a good one.

edit: apparently I can’t have more than two replies in a row so here is another post piggybacking.

I’ve recently been hired by another bar to help with their cocktails and rewrite their menu.
Menu launched this week, there is a few sugar+booze ones to keep the average punter happy, but another few that I’m pretty proud of and they’re selling pretty well too!
I’m used to ml to measure, but the new bar has oz measures, and it actually makes way more sense for working in a bar.

Albino Scout
1½ Plantation Stiggin's Fancy Pineapple Rum
¾ White Creme De Cacao 
1 Fresh Lime Juice
½ Simple Syrup (1:1) 

Shaken. Double Strained. 
Dehydrated lime wheel if you've got one.
I've seen a few variants on the 'mulata daiquiri' this is just my one, 
named after the albino dolphins from The Life Aquatic 
(personal favourite Wes Anderson.)
It is ridiculously tasty.
I know some people love daiquiris with ice chips, but I hate them.
Double strain all the things.


Neon Demon
1½ Del Maguey Vida Mescal 
1 Fresh Lime Juice   
¾ Agave Syrup
¼ Blue Curaçao 

Shaken. Double Strained.
Double Rocks. Large Ice Cube.
Dehydrated pineapple half if you've got one.

This one is a variant on a Tommy's Margarita. 
I hadn't seen any one do one with mezcal before and a customer 
asked for something using it. It was an off the cuff riff, but I added 
the blue curaçao later because duh! blue! 
I've had so many 'non-cocktail drinkers' call this one trash, 
but I seriously love it. Named after the movie, because that shit is visceral. 


Adams and Eves
1 Beefeater Gin
¾ FAIR Açai Liqueur 
1 Fresh Lime Juice
½  Simple Syrup (1:1)
8 Mint Leaves

Shaken. Strain.
Thin Highball. Over Ice. 
Mint sprig if you've got one. 

Simple variation on a Southside. 
We had too many drinks in coupes so we decided to serve 
this one over ice in a half sized highball. Kind of between a mojito 
and a southside, single strained to leave in the tiny mint flecks 
because it looks nice against the light purple/pink. 
The bar is called The Flying Tiger, named after the American flight 
group in China, this cocktail was named after one of the squadrons. 
Also it looks a little nude, with a few bits of leaf.


I finally got around to trying a couple Islay whiskies last night and I fell in love. I’ve always liked scotch whisky, more than any other spirit, but never really knew much about it until the past few weeks when I started reading about the different regions and found out I had only tried Speyside varieties. It’s amazing how different the Islays are, I’ve never had anything like them. This doesn’t sound appetizing, but they vividly reminded me of the heavy smell of clay and of being in a ceramics studio, and somehow that’s very enjoyable.



They are my favorites too. There’s nothing quite like a Lagavulin 16, and who doesn’t like a blow-to-the-head Laphroaig?



Ardbeg is my Islay of choice. I do like the peaty ones!

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I tried the Ardbeg 10 and Lagavulin 16. Both were excellent! I think I slightly preferred the Lagavulin, but mainly because I liked the way its flavors developed over a longer period of time, and what a surprising array of flavors for someone whose never had an Islay whisky. Not a whole lot of times after childhood that you get to taste something entirely new without knowing what to expect!

Unfortunately the bars around here don’t seem to have many options. The one I was at last night has the best selection I’ve come across and they only had 4 Islay offerings (the other two being Laphroaig), so I may have to do a bit of travelling to try more.

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