CODE422 by New Tendencies

I’m really happy to release a new EP on Co-Dependent today:

The first three tracks started as an exercise to explore the style of minimal techno that I loved in the mid 90’s, what really put me on the path to the music I make now. I made about 15 of these and picked the three that were most interesting and “complete” sounding to me.

The second group of three tracks, prefaced with r., are “remixes” of the first three. These were processed using Cecelia5 in order to really push them into new territory. They are what I’ve been jokingly calling “extreme stereo remixes” using a combination of Cecelia5’s granular and spectral resynthesis. All rhythmic and stereo variation was done using hand drawn and generated automation functions.

Thanks for listening!


Enjoyed this :slight_smile: you have a nice way with these, like, miniaturized changes that tease at my ear and help maintain a pleasant attention that’s both focused and diffused in repetition.

Brightened up some mid-day data entry considerably, so thanks for that as well!