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hey all!

lots has been added to cheat codes over the past month and while the manual is comprehensive, it’s a lot to approach without a baseline. i also haven’t been able to jam with zach (zilchmo) in a while, which was my primary “user testing” – you learn a lot about instrument design when you question why the instrument you designed can’t do x.

while I’m still planning on some more-polished videos that deep-dive into specific features, I’m thinking that a few “here’s the nuts and bolts” sessions with live Q+A might be helpful to have handy. these’ll be a little tutorial-y, a little performance-y, a little brainstorm-y. I’d love for you to join me!

session 1: live input strategies

basically, how to set up cheat codes for live input:

  • buffer management
  • extended sampling time techniques
  • one-shot vs looped recording
  • structuring a wiggly wandery ambient exploration
  • recording + remixing tempo-locked loops from another clock-synced device

I’ll also try to showcase strategies for both grid’d + gridless play :slight_smile:

the internet says 2pm Eastern is the “best” across timezones. so, let’s say this Friday 2-3:15pm EST?

we’ll use twitch!

feel free to post specific things you’re curious about within the theme of live input strategies in the next few days and it’ll get covered!


i would be interested in some musical context strategies. been mostly using samples and haven’t fully wrapped my head around how the utilize cc as a live input machine


so excited for this! i’ve been interested in making some simple 4/4 / MPC-style drum rhythms from percussiony sounds that i record into the buffer, and curious about tips for choosing a recording style, fine-tuning loop points and using envelopes in a more rhythmic context : )

maybe this would be better suited for a more sample-based session but just throwing this out there!


hopefully this can be captured for posting to youtubes or vimeo for those of us that can’t catch it live. thanks for doing this!


yes, please and thank you.


This sounds great! It’s on the calendar! Please record and post for later viewing if you can. Stoked!

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I am really excited about this. Popcorn at the ready!!!

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Woohoo, I was planning on sitting down with cheat codes this weekend!

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tomorrow’s quickly approaching! ee! very excited and super inspired by @Galapagoose’s session today :revolving_hearts:

the stream tomorrow will actually be a bit of a sneak preview of some WIP stuff that will make sampling a drum loop and auto-slicing it into all 16 pads on a bank wayyyyyy easier. it’s all pretty much ready for release, so if you want to play along, i’ll post a zip file.

otherwise, it’ll all be released on sunday :slight_smile: hope to see y’all tomorrow!



going live in 15 mins – if you want to play along with the stuff that’ll be released this weekend (and showcased in the stream): cheat_codes-twitchv.zip (42.8 KB)

upload to your norns (keeping its unique name) using these steps: https://monome.org/docs/norns/manage/


Going through the VOD. Thank you for doing this! It really helped to watch you go through each step for me to wrap my head around your neat script.

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Just started watching this now, it will be really cool to explore this deep script now, taking it step by step. Thanks for your hard work!

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Bummed I missed the livestream, but been watching snippets of the “rerun” all day. Still not through, but everything is sinking in slowly. Very, very inspiring. Should give me some new tricks up my sleeve for next weekends livestream. You really have a skill for teaching btw @dan_derks. Easy to follow (fairly) complex ideas.

Current viewing spot


nice place @noiserock ! I did some gardening there one summer. good momories


I’m really enjoying the livestream it’s really helping me to get the concept to stick. Thank you!

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caught the last 10 minutes of this… just went and watched some of the new features…
cheat codes is such a beast!
good shit man

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thanks so much to everyone for engaging so positively with the session yesterday – brilliant questions, really amazing energy, I had a really lovely time :revolving_hearts:

edited + touched-up YT version of the stream is live:

not yet annotated with timestamps – will try to get that done soon!

I’ll also be wrapping up changes to the script and updating it in maiden later today, but for those who want to dig in, this is the version i used in the stream:

please share what you make if you get into it this weekend and i’m looking forward to the next one!


I found this terrific, made the manual come together for me (even if most of it is not in the manual yet). Also, I now see why the manual is so good and comprehensive, your explanations and examples were fab. I would love to attend more of these!

My first cheat codes track:


holy cow, what a lovely first capture. i very much appreciate your engagement with the script + session and can’t wait to hear more as you dig!!

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codebreaking lesson in action
cc in a send from ableton is a whole big world of possibilities ! thx for waking me up to this

(the best part is being able to grab different bits of ideas in cc separate from the rest of the mix for arrangement later on)