< codebreaking >: cheat codes livestreams

oh, hell. this is gorgeous. expertly applied!

and yeah, i didn’t even consider mixing a norns-tape recording of cc back into an ableton mix. dope idea, so stoked for more tunes from you!!

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a fancy 4x4 interface + return loop makes it even faster ; )

It’s Friday night. I just finished rearranging my skiff and am now going to watch this walkthrough while I organize cables.

What have you folks done to me? :grimacing:

No but seriously, following this thread has been super inspiring, and I’m pumped to jump into the new stuff. Here we gooooooooooo…

EDIT: Several huge revelations for me in this video. Thanks so much for taking the time, @dan_derks! This recording is garbage, but there’s some fun stuff going on. Can’t wait to explore more.


@mattlowery – as ever, beautiful artifacts!!

session 2: no-grid strategies // Saturday May 16, 12-1:15pm EDT


wip tracker system:
three 128-step trackers with variable lengths, to sequence/adjust/trigger pads for each bank


this weekend, i dug into what it means to use cheat codes without a grid. the TouchOSC templates are nice for emulating the most necessary bits of the grid interactions, but as i’ve been thinking more about it, i wanted to work toward building a totally unique experience for no-grid play.

in session 2, we’ll cover current + near-future strategies which will hopefully not only help address the concerns of gridless sessions, but will help add depth to grid’d ones.


bro, you hella crazy dawg! wtf!!! shit is insannneeeeeeeeeeeeee


Nice! See you Saturday!

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reminder! tomorrow! < codebreaking > !

this was an oddly productive week toward defining new interactions – as such, the session will cover tons of unreleased stuff, but this should be a good primer for folks once things are rolled into the maiden project manager :slight_smile:

tomorrow AM, i’ll bundle it all up in a twitch-specific zip for folks who want to play along.


Looking forward to it. Will hopefully be able to follow along live today.

Quick question @dan_derks. Until it’s implemented on the firmware side of Norns, is it possible to implement a grid flip in CC? It would tidy up my workspace if the cable could poke out on the opposite side :nerd_face:

Stoked for these new features!


I missed it i calculated the time wrong :frowning: Watching it now

when is the latest session going up on youtube (if at all)?

super appreciate the interest, but this might closer to the truth. the most recent session was more or less a demo of some of the WIP interactions i’ve been building out, to gather feedback / q’s and gauge interest – i also had a massive headache during the stream and wasn’t as lucid as i wanted to be.

anyway, i’ll do a proper walkthrough of these features once they’re rolled into the main repo! we’ll have single sessions for tracker, MIDI and random :slight_smile:


no problem at all Dan. the first livestream helped enormously with my getting more comfortable with cc and I don’t mind the less formalized stream of consciousness walkthroughs, but I’ll take guides whenever you’re ready to share.


guhhhh link is so cool and makes all testing 100x more goofy.

  • [trkr] is coming along (that’s it being tested in the clip above)! got note division options done (triplets and standard divisions), just need to polish up the UI interactions and sort out this weird meta-meta question it raises. i think that it’s best if grid global actions can overwrite the tracker slots, but i’m digging the tracker slots having autonomy from the grid (if you want it, thru the deep menu shown in the stream).
  • [arp] is done! tons of immediately-fun things. grid + midi keyboard controllable, with an on-grid toggle for arp hold!

anybody struck by anything cc-related over the last few days? i had a real dark night of the soul that day, so remember nearly nothing :slight_smile:


so sick

all your recent “testing” beats are delicious


Looking forward to the new stuff!

I had a question on my IG about syncing with link and some follow-up discussion with a user. The question was mostly related to setting up link, but also about midi sync (which I’ve never thought of myself). Am I right in thinking that CC is audio only?

Could the new arp and tracker potentially send midi information?


currently, yes – it handles send/receive midi clock, but it doesn’t work with any other midi data. this next version of cheat codes will have more robust midi control, but it won’t have midi note out.

there’s a version of cheat codes that i keep thinking about, where the audio streams are all replaced with sequences – and all the transformations you can do to audio, you’d be able to do to note data.

so like, if one bank held a sequence of note values {0,10,7,5,12,22,17,10}, then start/end points in each pad would be segmenting off a subset of that note pool.

let’s say pad 1 is { [0,10,7] ,5,12,22,17,10}, then:

speed looped sequence
1x 0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7
-1x 7,10,0,7,10,0,7,10,0,7,10,0,7,10,0
0.5x 0......10.....7......0......10....
-0.25x 7.............10............0.....

could also decouple speed + octaves, so a rate adjustment would just affect pitch…

speed looped sequence
1x 0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7,0,10,7
-2x 19,22,12,19,22,12,19,22,12,19,22,12

lots to do before then, but i think this could be compelling when paired with crow :slight_smile:


I was thinking about this “midi out CC” a couple of weeks ago because I want to sequence my OP-Z with CC, but had trouble abstracting it. You pretty much nailed it @dan_derks.
Only thing I would add as a possible concept, and what was the key to my original chain of thought is that you add a third option to each of the 3 groups, so you have sample, live buffer and midi. So that you could sequence midi AND do live audio stuffs. Might be crazy difficult to implement, but that would open a whole new world of possibilities(think midi sequenced gear into live buffers :exploding_head:).

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This is a great idea and I guess those note sequences could also relate to specific scales, or your own microtuning stuff. It could be like 3 independent arps similar to Earthsea at higher tempos or like 3 tracks of slower longer sequences with the pattern chaining metasequencing of Kria, but hand played in. Could the note selection also relate to some of the ASL stuff that Trent has been showing? That would be super interesting if some of those ideas could be incorporated somehow.
It’s the hand playing and pattern recording of sequences that really interests me. Taking this out to JF or er301 via Crow would be amazing.

I guess a third page on the TouchOSC template with a midi keyboard would be nice to add :slight_smile:
Would be possible to open arp hold for OSC?