Coffee thought talk process


Thanks for the recs. I’ll check them out. Haven’t had anything from any of them.

Honestly, I’m finding the cheaper ultra-bold decafs to be the most palatable (Bustelo, Cafe du Monde). I figure if all the minor flavor notes are going to be blasted away, I might as well get something big and bold. Like drinking Mellow Corn whiskey :slight_smile:


I’ve just found this thread, and read through it all (with some breaks to watch Spider-man comic recap videos) talk about next level, should have known that the specificity of the synthesis world would have a few crossovers.

The bar I used to work in ran a coffee shop for half the day, originally I avoided it because the owner was an asshole about ‘latte art’ and lamented employees who offended customers with bad coffee (he also didn’t believe in training.) You could cop hell for not making pretty coffee. Eventually I just told everyone if you got a coffee from me it would always be a flat white and I didn’t give a shit, I made cocktails not coffee. I did become addicted to daily coffee though, and spoiled by having access to good machines.

Lately I’ve been really enjoying drinking coffee around the place, (almond milk, teaspoon of good honey) and will even be running a breakfast espresso service while I wait on licensing for my bar. This has led me to talks with a local roaster (strong ties to some of the communities producing his beans) and looking more into the processes that make the flavours I enjoy; stone fruit, berry, chocolate and vanilla. I’m really hoping that we can work on something that will satisfy me and customers, especially since we will be dairy free. It’s hard to find something that cuts through nutmilks to deliver flavour other than ‘bold’ (read: dark roast.)

This thread may or may not have convinced me that I need a chemex, so there is that, thanks…

edit: also the bits of info scattered around the thread about natural/washed led me to look more into these processes and learn more, which like, super useful when I’ll be talking to a guy who lives and breathes beans, so actually for real thanks!


i normally think of aeropress as some bastard relation to espresso and that leads me to a fine grind. we’ve been exploring and trying to take this year to learn more and open up our processes. my wife was searching for different recipes the other day and found one to try that made an amazing cup. apparently it was the winning brew from 2015 aeropress championships. i halved it using madcap juan angel from honduras (and frankly i had not found a preparation for these beans prior that pulled out anything transcendent flavorwise).

20g coffee coarse ground
230g water total

add coffee +60g water and turbulent wiggle for 15 seconds.
then 30 seconds bloom
add remainder of water over 10 seconds (170g)
press to release over 45 seconds

total brew time 1:35 seconds

it was undoubtedly the best cup brewed in weeks.

i hope you enjoy your coffee however you brew :baby_bottle:


i tried it again x 3 (nope it was 4) on the juan angel and 3 others to see if it was freak luck on prior press or if it is to some degree repeatable.

aeropress has such a nice thing in it’s own way going on. i was however not able to get that perfect cup as i had yesterday.

all the adventure
in attempt to recreate
perfect coffee cup


I recently tried some version of homemade “bulletproof coffee”. my friend’s (and thereby my) method was:

  • blade grinder, water just off boil, water/coffee ratio eyeballed but aiming for something like the ~14-15g coffee/240g water I usually do at home with a V60
  • melitta pour over w/ paper filter
  • dump brewed coffee into blender
  • add something like 1tbsp butter, 1-2tsp MCT oil
  • blend for a few seconds
  • pour into cup, drink

I don’t care for the name but I do like butter, so I figured I’d give it a shot while at my friends’ place since they spoke highly of it, and I like it a lot! I especially like how my body handles it - for me, adding butter/MCT oil seemed to noticeably smooth out how my body dealt with the caffeine and digestive effects, plus I think I just like frothy things. it wouldn’t be a good way to taste test nuanced coffees, but functionally, I felt better and enjoyed drinking it more than my normal cup of V60 pour-over black coffee, though I am not necessarily convinced it is as life-altering as described by the bulletproof dude.

I had it with a couple different coffees, but I think I liked Philtered Soul by Philz Coffee the most so far (I was in the Bay Area and one of my local friends recommended it). I also liked that coffee before adding butter to it, haha.

I figured this might be worth checking out for anyone who is curious, but in particular for anyone who has had digestive issues with coffee, is sensitive to caffeine spikes but still likes coffee/caffeine, wants to add some calories to their coffee if you’re in a hurry in the morning, etc!


i did check with my favorite roaster madcap and they 100% stand by their decaf and they don’t feed me bullshit so i would try it if you are still looking to up game via beanseeking.

i must say i have had maybe 2 cups of said decaf and i wasn’t impressed. but i have never optimized a brew/pour/method with it personally. and i am a caff junky. i do know people that have definitely felt like they were drinking nice coffee without all the caff.

ymmv, hoping you find your way and always happy to chat/geek deeper/more personally with anybody re coffee!


Thanks for the Prismo tip Dude. It has really upped my Aeropress game!


quick off-topic comment as i’ve been on an intentional dry spell for a while now. asahi zero dry (0.0% alcohol) comes out on top from all the non-alcoholic beers i’ve tried so far.


Tried this but didn’t managed to get to 230g water in lol, guess I’m play too safe with my inverted method and had the plunger in too far. Will try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m normally eyeing my brew and usually go for: inverted, 14gr fine Mexican, 2 stirs, 30sec shallow bloom, fill half way 1min, press over 20sec. Works especially well with a tiny splash of oat milk.


You can pull back the plunger even with water in the make more space. Just go steady with it.

Great thread btw. And I agree, the Prismo is great!


i’m actually sorry i brought up alcohol here as i REALLY don’t want to throw off the thread and i used to drink bad as a kid and have been sober since then. i just couldn’t quickly think of a good relational metaphor and i regret using the one i did so i seriously hope we can avoid inclusion of alcohol and stay safe with coffee freaks lol.


i actually have yet to do the full recipe i posted. i ALWAYS 1/2 it as i fucking love a 10g extra coffee treat.

i also do 10g “micropours” via v60 for coffee flights even when im by myself. that way i don’t get too many jazzhands.

but your recipe i will totally try and compare. hopefully tomorrow but i have to take my dad to airport in potentially bad weather kinda far away so coffee journey may be semi sidetracked. but i’m stoked to try peoples recipes especially for aeropress atm. i’ve had 2 knockyoursocksoff APs recently and my im just excited about it.

as for prismo we don’t have one yet, it’ll happen soon i hope. focus gear wise very currently is the stagg ekg, handblown 5 cup chemex (wanna try the natural filters), baratza virtuoso and brewista scale.



a lot of coffee thoughts on recent hardware stuff.

went fellow 2 ways: stagg ekg and prismo. the ekg is nice. in practice it doesn’t feel better than bonavita electric kettle. stagg pours MUCH slower than any other kettles i have used which i think will be good but is noticeable. with the bonavita, you can elect how fast the pour goes whereas you will hit a kind of pour speed wall with stagg. i believe this to be intentional. the temp reading and setting and hold are obvious upgrades leaning toward repeatability. time will tell how it does. i am sure i will adjust to the pour speed aspect and i suspect slower is better for grounds.

i would not recommend the prismo i received to others. it does not fit very well on my aeropress. the pressure aspect is less than that of regular filter (because of poor fit?) and the coffee tastes like french press with sediment present. i was hoping for an increase in necessary pressure to plunge (not the case here) and there was no crema present on completion. i will continue to explore. strong preference for regular ap inverted method despite obvious inherent issues.

brewista scale. as advertised on tin BUT it is a lot smaller than i would have expected (and compared to inaccurate old oxo). wish it were a bit larger for basically safety means but 0.1 gram specificity gets to deeper repeatability. included timer has been helpful but feels fiddly and tiny (honestly similar to how tiny euro feels as compared to larger format modulars (and i am sensitive to that kind of thing in use case scenario)). usb charging is good i think but it makes the thing feel cheap despite being a lot less cheap than prior scale.

baratza virtuoso grinder. it is rockin. much more solid than capresso inifinity which did a great job for years but did feel somewhat cheap plastic-y. i’m hoping for better in anti-static aspects. and i am hoping for a more uniform grind. i don’t have a way to objectively measure this. it seems to be working great. ground particles look pretty uniform. i just need to get used to the settings so i know what is what/ how i like it for different brew methods. chemex/v60/aeropress etc.

and lastly, the handblown chemex. we opted for one cup smaller. so i think it is 5 cups. as next up is 8 cups and that seemed too large. i’m still getting over the switch. my old shaped regular 6 cup chemex was like a lover in some ways (i don’t mean to be crude). it fit my usual chemex recipe perfectly without any trouble. the new one is slightly smaller and it doesn’t accept my exact recipe in exact same sequence of pours. so i have changed my recipe. this makes me slightly cranky but also affords more exploration regularly. the filter fits slightly differently at a steeper angle so it feels less natural than the 6 cup. the glass of the handblown is so much nicer, thicker, heavier and this gorgeous shade of green. in those look and feel ways, it is impressive. the shape is more scientific/beaker and less romantic/curvy than the standard 6 cup. both are very nice in use. i’m not sure i won’t leave the other one out too for better options at hand.

all of this is new so i will need some weeks at a minimum to get into habits and comfort with these implements.


surprising re: Prismo. using the finest burr grind possible, mine takes quite a bit of force to push down, substantially more than using a standard paper filter and produces a nice crema. wonder if the seal is faulty?


i think the problem is i have been getting great results using a coarse grind for my aeropress recipe. so i am a little cranky that i have to go away from semi-newfound great and repeatable aeropress recipe. it could be faulty seal but i think it is more my desire for coarse that is causing the problem.


I think you’d be right about that. the Prismo requires “as fine as you can go” to work correctly.


This sounds close to my daily routine at work, so great! I typically add the water for the bloom, and create a little whirlpool. I never use a spoon or stirrer. I also probably add the remaining water more slowly, maybe over 45 seconds or so.


ive been halving that to such good results. what is your ideal grind for it?


I’m using an Orphan Espresso Lido E hand grinder on the basic “espresso” setting. Honestly haven’t experimented with a coarser grind.


ok, i did the prismo following recipe. it did come out with a tiny bit of crema. it tasted fantastic and while it isn’t espresso, it is many many steps closer than any “normal” aeropress methods ive tried (not that i am actually looking to replicate espresso without a machine tho). the only frustrating thing i found was that the recipe details “aligning tabs” and there is no way with moderate force (able to be removed after the fact) that will work. it is just too tight. so pressure may not be ideal and that was reflected in the plunge as it still feels maybe now about the same as with paper filter. certainly doesn’t require more energy on my part.

so apologies for false alarm on prismo not living up. it rocks. just a bit more finicky than normal aeropress imo.

part of my approach issues with different methods is that i always want to have a “go-to” recipe with each. chemex really is a single recipe with slight variations. v60 can be a bit of a chameleon and now definitely distinct methods for aeropress.

the plot thickens.