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Ha. Somehow missed this amazing thread.

I’ve been brewing with a V60 every day for the past I don’t even know, 7 years? _Okay, that’s not entirely true, I like to stay in bed as long as I can… but my partner will make the coffee on my slow days… :sweat_smile:

We have a Zojirushi that keeps water at the perfect brewing temp and just your standard Hario honeycomb kettle to pour. Beans get ground to order with a Baratza Virtuoso as well. Love that thing!

Beans: Big love to Ruby Roasters and Beacon…

I’d like to get a Chemex one of these days. I’ve also never had a Kalita Wave in the house… I only ever have the one cup in the morning so, for me, the V60 has been doing the thing just right and so I never think to mess with it!

Before I brewed my own, I was a big Faberware percolator guy…


My mother used to take me there to buy our coffee beans forty years ago, which was a formative experience and no mistake. It wasn’t quite as easy to get good coffee in the UK in those days, even in London.


I got my Prismo two weeks ago and was underwhelmed as well as I was expecting espresso. The last two brews were amazing though as I’m trying to optimize. Porlex set to notch 1 and 20g/50ml at 90C for a minute seems to bring out flavours of my beloved Tres Cabezas’ Villalobos beans which I haven’t tasted before. No crema yet though, but the roast is 2 weeks old and i’d like it a tad more bitter (temperature?)


aeropress with prismo adapter, aergrind and local roaster 60 arabica 40 robusta beans


I ordered a Prismo yesterday off the back of these recent threads, I’m intrigued.

Been enjoying my Kalita Wave recently with these natural Burundi beans

Also, curious if any hand grinders are better than others? I’ve gone through two Porlex grinders with the handle rounding off so ditched them and got a cheap Hairo which seems just as good.


I think yes, there are differences between hand grinders, particularly concerning speed of grinding, grind consistency, tuning of particle size, sturdiness and so on. I tried at first a hario skerton and although the grind consistency was good on the finer side, it decreased a lot when I went coarser, the process of adjusting the particle size was frustrating, and it took really long to grind (I think the hario mini is better, just as the porlex one). I upgraded to an aergrind (the cheaper version of the feldgrind) and I’m really happy with it.


we wanted to love ruby but could not. tried 6 bags seeking and something about the roast was off. are you local to them? i wonder if they just do it better in house? have you tried madcap?



ive been digging deep with prismo here and feel confident on my practice at this point. i use the included recipe exactly. barely any crema to speak of but my beans are pretty light (as id prefer). i do 212F degrees as suggested. 20g espresso grind setting 50 grams water. 20 second solid swirl time and full minute to completion (start to finish). rapid deep pressure plunge. clean well post each shot. i was happy i was able to get the tabs aligned. i always like to keep my tabs aligned :sunglasses:

ive never used a hand grinder so i can’t speak to them.

i think it’s natural from burundi season as we have a bag of buziraguhindwa roasted by counter culture. alone it isn’t my favorite but mixed with some other things it adds just a nice lil bit of that berry blast.


I’ve tweaked a little bit the included recipe for the prismo. 20g espresso grind to 60 grams water, so a 1:3 ratio, like what scott rao suggests to prevent under-extraction, which is more probable in this case because of the continuous heat loss. 30 second stirring time and then let it sit for another minute. The amount of pressure needed to plunge is considerably higher than with the normal aeropress method. I get a lot of crema, or faux-crema if you wish since it disappears quickly and is more bubbly than the crema you’d get with 9 bars of pressure, kind of what you get with the brikka stovetop from bialetti.


are you doing 212F degrees?

and what is your total time estimate?


yes, 212F right off boil. I started with 30 second stir and then let it brew for another 30 seconds, but sometimes the pressure wasn’t enough to produce crema, so I’ve been increasing the total brew time till 1:30 (I think it has to do with the amount of dissolved solids) and then the pressure time takes about 15 seconds. So I’d say experiment for a total time estimate of 1:15-1:45.


you say pressure time. so i think you mean once you are done stirring you are inserting the plunger partway to help pressure buildup?

thanks so much for your thoughts as i’m very new to prismo and i’m sure others here are too.


Sorry I meant the time it takes to extract the coffee while you are pressing down the plunger.


sorry for confusion. so then, how long is your “plunge” time?


Around 15 seconds I‘d say. Oh and it was quite difficult to unscrew the device at first but the adapter gets less tight after some use.


so my favorite coffee from last year just dropped again from madcap:

i was literally just questioning the universe existentially regarding if/when this would drop again. now, i haven’t tried it yet again this year…yet. if it is anywhere close to on par with last year, this will do you some favors.


Ha, yeah, I have had a few questionable roast / bean combinations. But they were still pretty new to the game i thought and stuck with them. Had a sub for a few years and they sponsored my podcast for a while, too. Also friend of mine and fellow Fizmo user used to roast for them.

Going to grab some of that Corazon, because it’s been a while since i’ve had any…


random chemex thought: don’t be afraid to go even a bit coarser on grind.

the method is a bit slower in dripping which can lead to longer extraction times.


Thanks for this little nugget. I went quite a bit finer the other day than my usual, just to see how it goes.
And it was pretty terrible as in sour and unpleasant. Still learning, but having a lot of fun.
Currently enjoying some Ethiopian bean roasted by a small Malaysian coffee roaster, bought here in Singapore.