Coffee thought talk process


Finally took the plunge head first into an espresso machine. After much searching and on again off again desire to justify spending a lot of $$$ on coffee I picked up a Rancilio Silvia.
Its been great! Consistency has been the biggest challenge - who knew so much could go wrong with tamping?
But when I get it right the coffee is great!

So far some beans from Detour roasters in Ontario have been my favorite by far. Itching to try out some other nearby roasters.


are you seeking the older traditional style of darker espresso roasted beans or leaning toward newer-school thought regarding lighter roasts being suited both to pour/drip AND espresso?


@geh2oman mentioned square one as being good so here is our first evaluatory round round their square.

the coraźon also arrived today and i immediately opened the bag to do my favorite half version of the 2015 aeropress world championship recipe as the final round of my mornings coffee flight. it was great, but often my first brew/taste has boundless optimism and excitement that isn’t repeatable throughout the rest of the bags pours so i am stoked to explore further. this bag is my most sought after this year. :chipmunk:

the new hardware is rocking. temp variability and stability with stagg ekg are great though i have only used 205 and 212 as i haven’t felt the need to modulate those yet. getting my grind size set right is nice. definitely dialed for prismo and chemex ideals but still wandering a bit with v60 grind size/setting.

may your coffee kiss you sweetly. :drooling_face:


That’s a haul!

Are you rocking a Virtuoso, too? I usually have mine set around 13 for V60…


Oh, yeah - can we talk grind settings with the Virtuoso for a min? For V60, I tend to hover around 20, and for Chemex I keep it in the 28-32 region. I feel like that’s off, compared to the norm, but anything finer for either method gives me really flat, body-less coffee…


yup virtuoso


for prismo i do 8
for chemex i’m currently auditioning around 25
for v60 i was doing 20 but i am not feeling that.
(edit:) for reg aeropress (pref for 1/2 2015 world champ recipe)i am still dialing that in as well probably somewhere between 28-32.

you are inspiring me to go coarser on me chemexes! what ratio do you use?and any method intricacies you like/use?


I used to swear by the cheap pre-ground espresso when I was only doing moka pots. A few summers back I started experimenting with cold brews and tried everything from light to dark and started getting a taste for lighter roasts. This continued when I started using an aeropress.
I still favor darker roasts for the espresso machine, but they are actually hard to find! All the small roasters around here are following that newer school thought about lighter roasts.
I think the Detour roast that I really liked called Punch Buggy was a medium roast. I just picked up another Detour espresso roast called Bouncy Castle and it’s billed as a light roast. Probably 2 or 3 shots worth of beans left in the grinder of a previous roast, so we’ll see what Bouncy Castle is like in a couple of days!


On this most recent work trip, I’ve been using this:

It’s not terrible, and is good mixed cold with stevia … I started carrying it in my disaster-pack and then decided to try it in a few different configurations.


i keep inching up on grind size with both chemex and aeropress and each time i am so pleased. it accentuates round smooth sweetness and you almost have to use your tongue microscope to find the subtlety (that is absolutely present) which could be forgotten or glossed over in a hurry. the most enjoyable light drinkable coffee i know how to make to date.


Thanks for recommending the corazon! I ordered a bag, just got it yesterday, and it’s the first thing that I’ve brewed with Chemex. I am very happy with the results. :slight_smile:

(A former colleague gifted me his spare, old, large Chemex, and I am more than happy to put it to use.)


their thiriku is incredible too. maybe better.


currently loving both of these:


Nice! Are you in southeast PA?


nope, I’m on other side of the state (Pgh)


the way you do it in italy: you fill it even over, you need to make a “montagnetta” (little mountain), while filling you do not press the coffee! PS water goes at the level of the bolt, I personally go just a bit over.


Thank you - I’m a bit confused, though - if you make montagnetta as you fill it, don’t you need to press it down when you screw the top on to the bottom? These instructions seem contradictory but then it is still early and I have not had my coffee!


making montagnetta without pressing is just to give you always a good average of coffee in the moka, giving you the right ratio between coffee and water. by screwing then the top part you will press it yes, but not as much as you could do it by filling and pressing the container with your spoon, but this is just a peaky thing, you can of course put as much coffee as you want. Another thing is important, if you drink it daily, never wash the moka with soap, and empty it from the old grounded coffee and wash it just with water in the moment you need to do a new one. This will avoid your coffee to have a metal taste. cheers!



Also here is an entire Monocle podcast on the Moka -


Had my best espresso ever at Caffè Terzi in Bologna (Italy), it was made with 100% pure arabic from Guatemala.
It’s a place for coffee lovers, I strongly suggest visit it if you’re passing nearby.


So, I’ve had my Chemex for a few years now, and I’m looking for some more advanced tips from those of you in the know.

There’s something about my Chemex pours that never sits quite right. I can’t tell you the number of video tutorials I’ve watched, for varying methods, and I feel like I’ve exhausted my tests; in the end, my coffee always has this sort of flat, hollow body with sour notes. I’ve tried going coarser and finer on the grind (anywhere between 18-32 on my Virtuoso), different water temperatures, etc…

Mind you, some of the coffee is good (I’m buying mostly from local roasters: Gracenote, Little Wolf, Fazenda), but the consistency just isn’t there.

Any wild experiments I should try? Some specific doctrine to follow? Maybe I’m just running up against the limits of the Chemex.