Coffee thought talk process

Amazing - thanks for the insightful posts! I’ve indeed tried a lot of stuff over the years…I just need to experiment more, I think. I actually have an aeropress at home that I haven’t used since a trip abroad a few years ago, and this is a good reminder to put it back in action.

I think my next move will be to upgrade my kettle for better temp control, but I’ll definitely be trying your Chemex recipe in the meantime!

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i’d love to hear what you think about aeropress this time around. i have a rocking smooth recipe my wife found i can share (think i posted it somewhere up there :arrow_up_small:) with you/talk you through specifics if that would be helpful. remember the plunger is rubber so it might need a bit of conditioning for proper/optimal seal if it has been neglected for years. not sure. ours has seen plenty of use consistently so i don’t know how the aerobie rubber ages/ humidity effects etc.

try some madcap beans if you don’t mind mail order bean prices. ive never found better. we use that fellow stagg ekg kettle and the temp control is very easy/specific. however, i have not come anywhere close to being able to predict taste differences as related to temp differences. so i would say the things that are going to have the biggest dent in taste are beans/freshness, good grind just prior to brew and the method of choice for inherent profile. the aeropress is where i change temps the most to experiment, but it just usually tastes very good as a method (once i started going quite coarse in accordance with 2015 aeropress championship recipe) regardless of temp setting. my point there being that i think you have an amazing grinder so i would guess finding right beans and preferred method is going to yield most obvious pleasure results. ymmv.

a last warning is to remember with method changes that taste always feel “weird” at first, almost as if taste buds don’t catch up to reality fast enough. i don’t know how to explain exactly. so i always try to remind myself going into experimentation that it might take a few gos at something before i get it right and my mind and body are ready to go with it. that could just be my mind and body so ymmv :nerd_face:

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another thing is water. i wonder what your water situation is.

and thank god. found another elevated bag this time from sweet bloom using controlled yeast fermentation process!

the roast is slightly darker than what i am used to from them and in this case it suits perfectly. get it while you can.

Yes, I’m replying to myself, but I’ve just found this link, it’s very interesting for the topic, I guess.

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I love my Moka, it’s a great cup of coffee.

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I second the moka pot, my favourite way to make coffee.

We often also make coffee jelly.

  • Brew a pot of coffee.
  • Pour 350ml of coffee into a saucepan, bring to a boil,
  • Lower heat, then add about 2 tsp of agar agar powder. Stir for 2 minutes .
  • Pour the mixture into two small cups. Let stand for 30 minutes.


My partner and I are big time coffee experiencers. We typically like light single origin roasts and use a v60 filter. I haven’t seen the whole thread, but do people have any recommended coffee subscriptions? We’ve used Blue Bottle and like it a lot but it does get pricy.


i don’t go for subscriptions but absolutely love picking from madcap, heart and sweet bloom roasters. if you like colombians, madcap has a bunch .amparo botina and galeras are both incredible. and thiriku from kenya and corazon from peru, these are each some of the best coffees ive been able to explore.

and a report on the hardware front. the brewista scale is rechargeable. it is hilarious in that we have never once needed to charge it. that battery has lasted literally months, the fellow stuff is incredible. prismo is great once you break it in and learn how it likes to be used and their stagg ekg kettle is feeling great still after a few months. baratza virtuoso burr grinder is an absolute joy.


I like the effect of caffeine, and drink it for that primarily, therefore am not really worried about the delivery mechanism. I am by no means a connoisseur! Two heaped teaspoons of instant in a large cup, twice every morning, sorts me out. Same with alcohol, I primarily like the effect, so am not really bothered about the taste! Heathen I know. :slight_smile: Having said that, at the weekend I do occasionally go for the French Press treatment and it does indeed taste nicer!


This is the most controversial post I’ve seen on lines in some time :wink:


Dump multiple table spoons of instant in a cup of cold milk, stir with a fork. Enjoy.

Have I upped the controversy? :wink:

Not something I do regularly, but my preferred method of brewing instant. Also, Instant Coffee Classic is better than Instant Coffee Gold, either for grocery store brands or the namebrand.


Question for the Moka users out there: steel or aluminium? I have a steel one and I swear it tastes better, but I could just be imagining…

I prefer steel as well, our aluminium one oxidized to death.


never had a chance to compare

i have too much loose tea and am now pretty comfortable with the bialetti

so after a quick google to find advice on how to brew tea with moka pot w/o causing an explosion, i ground some indian tea and gave it a shot

spread unground afghan leaves and rose petals on the top 1/8th inch or so for extra flavor

blasphemy, i know
but it made a fantastic cup and i’ll definitely add this technique to my rituals from time to time


Some people swear by aluminium due to it distributing heat faster, but I tend to use my moka at medium-high so I’m not sure it would make a difference.

I have to try this!

Hmmmm, I’m curious how places like Bonanza deal with this as that’s one of my favourite cups of coffee in the world. Always make the trek there when I’m passing through Berlin on tour. Love that spot.

I can ask next time I’m up there (which may be a while).

Incidentally, when I was visiting family in SLC, I had a visit to Publik Coffee, and was chatting with the baristas about Berlin and coffee and water, and one of them pointed me to Third Wave Water. Seems a bit excessive, but I do admit that I’m curious to try it.

how crazy is that! i have to try it

cw: drugs


hope this isnt too weird to talk about but one of my favorite experiences is a nice hot cup of coffee with some soy milk and a nice big joint on weekend mornings. helps get me in a creative mood and start a nice resting day with some energy. kinda hope we see some coffee/weed cafe type places popping up in the near future in the US.