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hmmm, well i don’t have any expert advises. i’m just constantly exploring. the beans i find to be very important and that is never a fixed thing, so flexibility with minor adjustments and familiarization with what minor adjustments are helpful is the fluency i seek.

i wonder what your coffee descriptive ideals are. do you have flavors you are after? is it possible you just prefer a different method? have you explored aeropress/v60 and of course many others? the method chosen will yield drastically different flavors so i wonder if finding your optimal profile for bean/geography/flavor/feel and also exploring the method/other methods.

my aeropress is making the best cups these days for me. but it is hard to say without a little more info from you in terms of what you’ve tried specifically and what you like specifically. i should say i am always happy to go deep in pms if it gets too geeky here and also that i have no proprietary knowledge/training just endless active seeking.

a final thought and this will come off as sacrilege likely but i can’t consistently find great beans from anyone other than a single source i’ve listed and linked to too many times. we keep on and on trying other beans/roasters but our best beans always come from the same place and that can’t be stressed enough. fine/good beans are quite easy to find all over the place and i do remain confident i will find other sources of great beans but they have been quite elusive and the beans in the end always do have such a deep (the deepest) impact on cup/flavor.

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and i can see from going back through your posts here that you’ve tried lots of stuff for years.

i would try aeropress just for fun.

and my chemex recipe atm is:
205F degrees water
30g beans ground no more than 15 seconds prior to brew
i lean towards coarser on virtuoso 25-29 setting
510g water
pour bloom about 70g let sink in for 45 seconds
pour rest kinda slow circular in single pour
usually takes 5 mins for full drip time

i personally enjoy that taste inherent to process. my gut is that youv’e tried this or similar recipes and so only council i can think is find the method that suits your buds atm :chipmunk:



Amazing - thanks for the insightful posts! I’ve indeed tried a lot of stuff over the years…I just need to experiment more, I think. I actually have an aeropress at home that I haven’t used since a trip abroad a few years ago, and this is a good reminder to put it back in action.

I think my next move will be to upgrade my kettle for better temp control, but I’ll definitely be trying your Chemex recipe in the meantime!

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i’d love to hear what you think about aeropress this time around. i have a rocking smooth recipe my wife found i can share (think i posted it somewhere up there :arrow_up_small:) with you/talk you through specifics if that would be helpful. remember the plunger is rubber so it might need a bit of conditioning for proper/optimal seal if it has been neglected for years. not sure. ours has seen plenty of use consistently so i don’t know how the aerobie rubber ages/ humidity effects etc.

try some madcap beans if you don’t mind mail order bean prices. ive never found better. we use that fellow stagg ekg kettle and the temp control is very easy/specific. however, i have not come anywhere close to being able to predict taste differences as related to temp differences. so i would say the things that are going to have the biggest dent in taste are beans/freshness, good grind just prior to brew and the method of choice for inherent profile. the aeropress is where i change temps the most to experiment, but it just usually tastes very good as a method (once i started going quite coarse in accordance with 2015 aeropress championship recipe) regardless of temp setting. my point there being that i think you have an amazing grinder so i would guess finding right beans and preferred method is going to yield most obvious pleasure results. ymmv.

a last warning is to remember with method changes that taste always feel “weird” at first, almost as if taste buds don’t catch up to reality fast enough. i don’t know how to explain exactly. so i always try to remind myself going into experimentation that it might take a few gos at something before i get it right and my mind and body are ready to go with it. that could just be my mind and body so ymmv :nerd_face:

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another thing is water. i wonder what your water situation is.

and thank god. found another elevated bag this time from sweet bloom using controlled yeast fermentation process!

the roast is slightly darker than what i am used to from them and in this case it suits perfectly. get it while you can.