Coherent Light Enclosed Without

My latest album, Coherent Light Enclosed Without, is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. It is recorded at The TANK Center for Sonic Arts; if you enjoy reverb you may enjoy the sounds on this recording. It’s double bass solo (though if you want to hear what electronics sound like in the space this album by my duo The Yes & was recorded later on the same day).

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Today is Juneteenth. On this day in 1865 the United States Army brought news of emancipation to the people who were enslaved in Texas. It should be a national holiday.

Bandcamp, the music platform which does the best job of getting funding support to musicians, is donating their fee from music sales to the NAACP Legal Fund today. I’m matching them for sales of my music with donations to Black Visions Collective. All profits from my music sales will go towards the upcoming Jaguar Stereo! recording, a project lead by poet and Toussaint St Negritude. To magnify efforts even further, my friend, Jeff Turner, is matching my donations .

This includes my new album, Coherent Light Enclosed Without, which is available for pre-release.

An interview about this album for anyone curious about it:

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