Cold Mac Fade


A couple of days ago i received my Cold MAc and I love it.
But there is one thing which concerns me, it is a audible bleed through if I use the Cold mac as a Fader/Paner

According to the introduction video it should be possible to mute the left input with a fully CW turn of the Survey Pot.
Same for the right input vice versa.

In my case it is not possible.
Did i miss something?

MI Braids => Left (in)
Left (out) => Mixer


It’ll close for a fade if you take the output from the opposite side, so left in - right out, right in - left out.

Left to left and right to right both leave it not quite closed. Not sure why, maybe caused by the way voltages are normalled to the outputs?

Hey thanks, you are right. With that “trick” it is working

@Galapagoose: is there a special reason why it is different than in the video. And is it possible to do some “calibration” to get the same behaviour like in the Demo?

Just checking on this…probably user error…

Is it par for the course to hear a tiny bit of “distortion” in the Right Out when fully CW crossfading?

DPO A - Left
DPO B - Right

It’s often there, but sometimes isn’t present depending on the waves I’m crossfading. Maybe it’s not distortion but a blend of the two waveforms? Anyway, there’s a kind of noise present which is not present fully CCW.

Yes, it’s normal, when you drive the channel all the way to the right it adds a lil bit of harmonics to the signal

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Right. OK. I thought it could be that but just wanted to be sure. Thank you!