Cold Mac Ideas

good idea

i’ve been stumbling into better things with CM after pairing mine with cousins JF and 3S

here’s a weird self modulating patch where macs are warping/resetting a JF TT cycle somehow

no i dont understand or notate this stuff usually but I try saving brief videos and written notes on my phone midpatch


This is entirely ridiculous. I love it. Thanks for continuing the discussion here in a place where I don’t feel disgusting for visiting!


here’s a recording of it, the basic idea was to make something that would do a really complex, somewhat unpredictable crossfade between three tracks of JF in sound mode and the moog pulse wave drone, trying to emulate radio station interference. to make peaks that would “cut through” the floor/noise whatever, i also had it generate a quick AD envelope via SLOPE off a trigger from WW, which then gets used for lots of other stuff like messing with the curve, and is added into the cv crossfade going on with the LEFT and RIGHT (mixing the stepped random voltage from the wogglebug with the AD WW envelope, crossFADEd by the moog’s lfo), which then goes both to survey and the moog’s mix between the two sound sources. then you can play with the moog’s mix knob and SURVEY to vary the offsets, either making it more JF-noisey or more moog-y, with lots of complicated areas in between. there’s some 4ms DLD in there at times too.


thanks for sharing this. i haven’t had enough time to mentally wrap my head around what’s going on in your patch, but i’m looking forward to further investigation.

set aside a lil time last night to further experiment with patch surveillance (ie. no inputs to CM, other than light survey modulation via JF) - constant surprises!

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i think the nature of cold mac is that you can’t entirely wrap your head around all the interconnectivity (or at least I can’t). the only way for me to really get anywhere with it is to follow a couple basic ideas and then just keep responding to happy accidents until eventually you have a really complicated routing that you have to try and mentally untangle after the fact.


Seeing a new idea from the MW thread:

Listen to MAC OUT
= white noise ?!?

I’ve gotta try when i get home

also for you folks i dug up a patch note I saved from march:

audio > MacA SLOPE in
OR out >
AND out > MacB SLOPE in
MAC out > Mixer

MacB FOLLOW > MacA OR in
MacB SLOPE out > MacA AND in
MacB MAC out > Mixer


NOW we’re talking. deep spaghetti-on-a-fork zone. stoked to try these out.

that white noise patch sounds like a great starting point, excited to see how it works.


[quote=“madeofoak, post:12, topic:3840”]
white noise patch sounds
[/quote]uh wow

just spent two hours attempting this weeks junto with cold mac percussion drones and totally failed at making “music”

i will post results anyway here because i think the results were intense and informative (because i didnt know what synthetic noise is good for)


haha that is a crazy idea for a noise patch. I don’t have a full picture of exactly how it’s working, but the CREASE output is a combination of inverter & schmitt trigger (half of a Triangle-core oscillator). I always suspected this thing could oscillate in some kind of way but never poured enough time to figure out just how.

A couple interesting patches I found experimenting w this idea. Pls note there’s probably a lot of variation module to module when it comes to these fringe cases.

Output from MAC
OR(out) > SURVEY
FOLLOW > SURVEY (w stackcable)

With Survey control around 9:00 you hear the ‘thud’ discontinuity. Turning clockwise you get supersonics eventually approaching ‘helicopter’ noise as if the noise is being processed by a square tremolo. Further CW the ‘square’ trem becomes wider in pulsewidth until it’s just ‘noise’, and further still you get what sounds like HF filtered noise for that crackly radio sound. All of this is between 9:00 and 10:00 on the dial. With some very touchy movements there’s a chaotic sounding HF oscillation at 12:00 when approached from the CCW direction.

Output from MAC
CREASE > external VCA (at max level)
FOLLOW > SURVEY (stackcable)

With Survey from 10:00 and further CCW Cold Mac will create a rhythmic drum sound. Kind of like a kick with some harmonics & short decay. It will playback with a relatively regular (and fast) rhythm. Different kinds of VCA (or attenuator) will change the character of the sound. Using the GATEs in isms results in 3 very different timbres. Once you have it thudding away, experiment w the VCAs level & Survey control to find a huge range of self-generating sounds.

Ed: Adding additional VCAs or active attenuators to this patch creates lower-pitched sounds & more room for inconsistent edge-case rhythms.


you are really a madman

so technically #2 gives me a clock with CM merely self patched? i mean just wow


i’ll post the newer subtle session later . PORTIONS OF THIS MIGHT DAMAGE YOUR EARS
but there is a reward at the end for anybody who makes it that far

first 30 seconds is from today and once i heard the noise i recognized it as a mystery sound in a previous synth session


Awesome! I figured out that I mixed up LOCATION and CREASE OUT in my first attempt to create the noise.

When patching #2 above with -isms gate in “lpd” mode and knob at 12 o’clock you get some nice laser kicks. The gate in lpg-mode sounds like vinyl scratching.

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this was amazing, loved every second 0:00-2:00 :relieved:

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Usually when I think of utility modules cold mac doesn’t really spring to mind because of its general complexity. This thread though.

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i honestly cant recommend it enough

it CAN do simple straightforward things (sum, pan, fade etc) but lord is it capable of some weirdness too

and i love it

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@accountboy @glia

totally agree. obviously we’re getting into some more ‘out’ stuff here, but one of my favorite starting points with the module is to use it in a completely straightforward way (vca, cv crossfader, whatever), and then keep adding ins/outs while listening to the whole patch become more complex and interconnected, with the survey knob being a kind of master controller.



i have no qualms admitting that i don’t always get what’s going on with my synth, especially with regard to CM patches

mac + other whimsical modules make it so easy to start in familiar territory and gradually push toward the fringes of my knowledge (and beyond)


it wouldn’t be discovery if you already knew where you were going.


thanks . i forgot to post the direct recording for those interested in this


really interesting stuff! some of the early bits–the higher-pitched dry, crinkly, crackly textures–would make excellent background soundbeds. add melodic instrumentals on top; instant ambient bliss.

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this patch is designed for two filters, eg, and a wavefolder
[ vcas + ext mixer optional ]

mac pans output of folder to filters for shaping
one filter is fed back into folder
eg provides cv control of pan fade

results got even more windy than this excerpt
[akin to a sax or muted trumpet] which was the surprise