Cold Mac Ideas


20 characters of damn!!


I love it. Synths (and the packaging, manuals etc.) should be more fun.

The cold mac artwork reminds me of Buchla (and Madrona Labs :heart:).


Extremely beautiful. Is this a new revision of the cold mac? I don’t remember mine a fire tower on it - but maybe I didn’t look in the rush to plug it in…


Question for all you Coldmac owners.
I think mine is defective. :frowning:

Plug in LEFT and RIGHT with 2 Osc. Monitor LEFT(out) and it doesn’t fully crossfade when turning knob completely to each side. There is bleeding on 1 of the channels.

When I monitor RIGHT(out) it fully crossfades left and right without bleeding.
It should be able to fully mute yes?


not an expert on this but signal bleed is par for the course w/ mannequins modules and mac in particular has a lot of variation between units (due to its complexity and MF’IN FULL ANALOGUE CIRCUITRY). best course is probably to lean into the idiosyncrasies.

also maybe try patching your oscillators into a vca that closes completely (optomix, in my system) before patching them into mac rather than after so that the bleeding signal will be at 0 most of the time anyway. for most use cases a little bleed from the other channel shouldn’t be too noticeable and using another mixer / crossfade (also optomix for me, with the panning signal into channel 1 and an inverted copy of the panning signal into channel 2, monitoring outs one + two as though they were mac L/R).

awaiting a “that’s not actually how you do it” from one of our resident sages…

good luck!


I like @yams’s suggestions. To add my own: try the same test again, but this time with a dummy cable patched into offset? I don’t know whether this will change anything, but it’s worth a try.

You could also try this: patch an offset into survey and do the same thing. See if making the offset progressively more negative will allow it to close fully. If so… not to spoil the magic, but Cold Mac has so many trimmers, so one of them could probably help you.


It’s normal for there to be some high frequency bleed due to the nature of the design - patch a sine wave into the LEFT input and listen to the LEFT output - it should pretty much close all the way. Now patch a saw into LEFT instead of the sine; the high frequency content will bleed a bit more.


Thanks for the info guys. Being in nyc I just went to Control to test another coldmac and it is indeed part of the design. On to learning this beast!


Welcome to the Mac! I’ve had this for nine months and I only now feel like I sort of understand how it works (At length I discovered it’s actually just a very cheeky set of quite ordinary utilities with voltage control, absolutely nothing to be afraid of). It’s still the most intimidating module I’ve ever seen, so naturally my favourite and I’m on to my second to have one for CV and one for audio or something of the like.

As a side note I was recently asked to spec out a small system and I couldn’t find anything for $200 that did the same.


That w/ box looks sooooo cool.


just noticed a new CM video by Martin Doudoroff


While the link has been posted here before more than once, Martin just today pushed out an updated page he’s calling a “Massive 2.0 Rewrite”:

Also, Control in NYC will be hosting Martin in store for a workshop on the Cold Mac possibly in the next week or two. Maybe we can generate enough interest to encourage them to livestream the presentation?


A livestream of that would be great!!!


also raising my hand for a livestream :raised_hand:


They have live-streamed stuff previously


Live stream please MD


Hi, y’all. I don’t expect a live stream—perhaps Control will surprise me—but I’m hoping it will serve as a dry run for a new demo video. Or maybe a new demo video will be the dry run for the presentation? Depends how the days go next week. I got a fancy new microphone that will make my life a bit easier. Anyways, I’ll try to check in here a bit.


i’ll be there! love your coldmac page :+1: cya wednesday.


Thanks for all you have done so far. I wish I could be there, but alas…

I will be grateful for whatever new insights you’re able to share with us remote folks, in whatever medium they may be embodied!

the highest honor within my power to award; an arpeggiated thanks to you in recognition of your long-awaited research and its imminent proliferation