Cold Mac Ideas


Hi all,
finally spent some time playing about with this module.

Building on the white noise patch, I seem to have stumbled across Cold Mac acting as an oscillator. In fact a little like the benjolin in some aspects- which having looked at this thread makes sense if it’s half a triangle wave.

I was mucking about with building on the white noise patch (covered elsewhere), which was as follows:
Crease out to survey
monitor mac out
white noise when survey is turned at about 9.15 and 2.45

the patch for the oscillator is as follows (mdoudoroffs nomenclature):

Right out to crease
crease out to triat A
triat A to survey
Mac out to maths Ch 3
Maths sum out to left
monitor mac out via stackable

maths settings:
Ch 1 and 4 at 12
Ch 2 at 3o’clock
Ch 3 controls pitch between 12 and full CW

Survey know also controls the sound from 12o’clock to full CW

You can get some very unstable sounds out of it with a very subtle setting of Maths channel 3 just past 12o’clock.

Recording below - only have the ipad to record on at mo, so apologies for the quality.




Awesome patch thanks for sharing. Instead of using a Triat I tried using a VCA. Then used a sequencer (Pressure Points) to open the VCA to sequence a melody.



You’re welcome !

I was playing around with this patch more yesterday, and there are a number of possible variations to being able to sequence. One of the most wild was to put three sisters into the feedback loop between the Mac out and left input (instead of maths). You can then use different outputs from the three sisters to go into the left and right inputs for cold Mac. Add some self patched fm in three sisters, and you can start getting some very mad sounds. Sequencing can be done by the three sisters 1v/8 input (though I didn’t manage to try this with a sequencer per se, but used a quantised shift register output from the disting).



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Here’s a Cold Mac waveshaper patch that I recently created, I called it MacTimbre:

CV in -> Survey
Audio In -> Left In & Crease In (stackcable)
Left out -> AND in
AND out -> Right in
Crease out -> Offset
Mac -> audio output

Obligatory sound example:

  • First a sine wave feeding the patch directly with varying survey
  • Then a decaying envelope controlling survey
  • Then a musical sequence where the ‘CV in’ is driven by the mixture of an LFO and another audio-rate sine wave



Nice idea. I found that modulating Fade had a nice subtle wave shaping affect.

You inspired me to try and make a Wavefolder with cold mac

CV in -> Fade In
Audio IN -> Left In
Right Out -> Crease In
AND Out -> Offset
Crease Out -> Slope In
Slope Out -> Audio Output

Moving survey from 0 to 12 o clock will affect the nature of the fold. Alternatively you can send an external DC offset into Offset In to get greater range. Fade in alters the amplitude of the wave before the folding occurs.

Modulation to both Survey and Fade sounds pretty cool, especially when approaching audio rate

In this video Fade In is being modulated by an LFO and I’m slowly moving Survey from 0 - 12 o clock



Hm, I think I found some sort of oscillation going on, but I just wanted to check my results against y’alls. I have:

OR out > CREASE in
MAC > OR1 in
MAC (mult) > listen

I get the highest pitches about 10:30 and then it bottoms out about to clicks at noon.


If you re-patch
AND out > CREASE in
and MAC > AND1 in

You get a lower pitch base starting about 12:30 to full CW. With some really interesting mechanical clicks. Putting stuff into AND2 gets you some pitch/timbral changes. And there’s even more noisy goodness if you patch CREASE out > SURVEY!



This is sick I can’t wait to try! :smiley:



Can Cold Mac be used as a simple wave rectifier? If so, how would I go about patching that up?



Input goes in the Slope jack, taken from the output that looks like _ / _ (I’m sure it has a proper name).



A yeah, I knew it was something simple like that!



also using the 2nd inputs of OR and AND gives you half-wave rectification in the positive or negative direction. This way you can apply different transformations to either half of a waveform…



Just tossing this out here, but based on the documentation from MDoudoroff’s ‘Patching Cold Mac’ site, there’s no way to control how quickly FOLLOW responds? I was hoping to use the Cold Mac as a slew for some pitch work, but like to have it tweekable. Just wanted to confirm that there’s no way to do this with the CM.



Pretty sure you’re right this I’m afraid. The other thing is that it doesn’t perfectly replicate the original voltage so it’s not good for portamento type pitch work if that’s the kind of thing you were thinking of?



correct. it’s the envelope follower from the arp2600 which was fixed time response.

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So I tried out the VCO ideas and I came up with some wicked tones mainly squarewave based.
If anyone wants to try it here’s the patch!



Trying this tonight. Is CV input tracking V/oct?



Not sure if it’s tracking 1v/oct properly but it does track!



Here is a video of a sequenced line coming from my metropolis to the survey in of cold Mac. Sound source is only cold Mac!

Click the link cause I don’t know how to embed a video :rofl:




Sounds like a good chunk of bass in there too!