Cold Mac Ideas


Heaps of low end! And while I was patching it up I came across a version that changed the pulse width depending on the frequency so it had a bit of a thinning hipass vibe. Very cool!


Digging the patch…feeding some Tides modulated by Maths and Sloth with some FM from a Spectrum into the right channel as a variation.


Have you tried to put a sequenced oscillator at audio rate into the survey? Crazy sounds.


You all are really making me want a Cold Mac…


This one was an in-the-shower idea that solved a problem that’s been bugging me for a while: Mixing mono and stereo signals without mixing down to mono. The purple looking cables on the left is my stereo in (from Rings), the red cable in is a mono mix of a few voices via Veils. White and greeny grey are stereo out. The veils mix comes out centre through the stereo out, and the Survey knob controls the stereo spread of the Left and Right ins!


Hoping to get some insight from Cold Mac owners, I currently just have Just Friends and Ansible with an Arc as my starting setup. I’m looking to add a linear VCA to my setup next and Cold Mac seems like a super interesting module. My only concern is that you only have the single survey knob to control all six signals as opposed to something like an ALM Tangle Quartet where you have individual control over all four. I’m wondering though, could you use something like those Koma attenuator cables on the inputs of Mac to gain individual control across all six of them?


You may just want a more conventional VCA. I have 2 of those Koma cables and they’re kind of fiddly, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Embracing the uniqueness of Cold Mac, you could also use it as a 4 or 5 input VCA and leave either AND and/or CREASE unpatched if you wanted to boost signals 2x, as OR and SLOPE will do that when AND and CREASE are unpatched. Another interesting thing about using it as a VCA is the distortion on the max survey settings.


I use all three but I don’t use Cold Mac as a VCA. It’s pretty dirty sounding (which is great) and not very flexible as a VCA and I feel like its wasted on this duty. As @Jonny said the Koma cables are fiddly and not very good for audio. Tangle quartet is a great basic VCA and small footprint


totally agree here re: tangle/other vcas, but would add that i routinely also monitor the MAC output of whatever patch i have going, adding it into the overall mix a bit at more intense moments. really nice.


Sidenote - access to a software oscilloscope (via VCV Rack and a ES-8) has been a huge plus in understanding what’s going on with CM. The ideas in this thread are all super fantastic, but the simple stuff it does is equally great and useful. This weekend I used it to take a small number of modulation sources, mult’d, then passed around in CM to create many variations of the shapes. Electricity is super cool!


I just got my new cold mac from EFN and I really like how it sounds with several oscillators mixed.

There is just one thing I don’t get by now:

From the demo/overview video I understood that the CREASE output wraps +5V/-5V at noon and reaches 0V at CW/CCW - now both of my 0V are about one octave apart from each other when I patch them into an 1v/oct input which should be a difference of 1V.

Is this normal? What do I not get here with those both 0V?

Any hints would be appreciated.


I think so. Just tried it out and mine goes from around -0.7v at CCW to 0.4v at CW. I do not have an explanation for why that is the case, though.


Hm, that’s a bit odd. Thank you for checking that!

I know that there are some circumstances where one has to patch a dummy cable somewhere to prevent DC bleed on the mix. Does anyone know if this is the case here too and if there is a trick or something I can do about it to reach the same voltage (or better: none-voltage) at both ends?


I think there’s a constant negative voltage normalized to SLOPE, which is normalized to CREASE. not sure if this will fix your issue but may want to try patching a dummy cable to SLOPE to break that normalization.


Two things I’ve been wondering if I can get out of Cold Mac are something like ring modulation and wave folding. Does anyone have any patches I can try for either effect?


Crease input is for wave folding.


Also see ghosts post earlier on in the thread for a patch for wave folding.


I was looking for a solution to modulate multiple gates being used with the BIA. Cold Mac is a fantastic option! I’m slightly embarrassed it took me so long to realise, actually!


I think this is as good a place to ask as any. I’m putting my 6u 51hp case together and looking at various logic (etc.) options. My rough sketch is below. I’m thinking of, instead of having the Dynamo and Pico Logic in there, having a Cold Mac instead. I’m tempted by the ‘mystery’ of Cold Mac, and the restriction of having one dial. Any thoughts? I’m going for glitchy, noisy, droney experimental stuff.


I’m not aware that Cold Mac would be able to perform any Boolean logic operations, but I confess I haven’t actually tried yet as I have that covered elsewhere in my rig.
In that respect, if you are looking for logic, perhaps cold Mac is not the option you are looking for?