Cold Mac Ideas


Just ordered a Cold Mac. Was tempted for a long while but the patch surveillance video swung it for me. Can’t wait.


And I just got mine! My main ”problem” right now is to decide if I need a Morphagene or not. When that decision has been made I will totally (try) to focus on this beauty…


maybe your decision-making order is backwards!


As usual then… No, just had a creative block regarding that Morphagene decision. But I’ve been trying out the Cold Mac today and wow: the first patch was truly an interesting mess.


Is there a cold mac 101 around? It looks like an insanely useful module but I am struggling to actually understand how it works. :astonished:


Yep, check out this excellent guide.


Cheers. Just stumbled on this after I posted. Very handy.


I had a mutable ears in my case for a while and really enjoyed playing audio in and using the envelope out to control things. I know you can use cold mac as an envelope follower for cv but I’m curious to hear people’s experiences with getting it to follow audio, and does any self patching improve/ develop things? I’ll look into this more when I’m back with my system.


The latest Nathan Moody (noise jockey) youtube video has some coldmackery that might be useful.

I’d like some more ‘here is Cold Mac in a patch’ stuff. The focussing on the module as an individual unit doesn’t work for me as I need it contextualised a bit more.

I kind of find this with Function as well that I’m happy with the How, I just need the Why?


Updated: stumbled onto a cool tremolo last night using just Three Sisters & Cold Mac. seemed more pronounced than panning but it’s not as interesting today… should’ve left everything as-is, alas. this is less of a Cold Mac idea and more of a joint thing. (hesitant to even share at this point)

sound source (morphagene sample, in this case) > CM L in
Mac out > Sisters All in
Sisters High out > CM R in
Sisters All out > Sisters Low in
Sisters Low out > CM Survey
[CM self patching that added “something” but I can’t duplicate now]

Sisters Formant mode, Freq ~9 o’clock
Sisters Span between 1 o’clock and full CW
Sisters Quality 3 o’clock

monitor CM L & R outs
Survey at full CCW = dry, tremolo starts around 8 o’clock, can be fine-tuned using Sisters Freq & Span


This is one of my favourite threads. Good on @Galapagoose for creating such an open ended piece! Those with morphagenes and cold macs, can you scrub a reel with the survey knob like I’ve been seeing with the w/ demos?


Can’t wait to try this! Thank you


Wow this sounds so good. I expected something interesting but not as ‘nice’ sounding as that. Going to try this today and then ask loads of questions when I can’t get it working. Thanks for the detailed notes.


This is awesome. I’ve also had great fun sending audio rate signals into Survey in that are in some way harmonically related to whatever I have coming at the R and L inputs – take those two out to a mixer, hard-pan them both and you can get crazy Hecker-style psychoacoustic insanity in the stereo field that makes your ears feel funny.


not sure, but I plan on spending a lot of time with just those two modules (CM as sound source) next thanks to some ideas in the w/ thread.


@speakerdamage, I modified this just a bit today and had some interesting results.

sound source > CM L in
Mac out > Mac Slope in
Mac Slope out > Sisters All in
Sisters High out > CM R in
Sisters All out > Sisters Low in
Sisters Low out > CM Survey

Sisters Formant mode, Freq ~7-8 o’clock
Sisters Span between 1 o’clock and full CW
Sisters Quality 1 o’clock
Survey full CCW

monitor CM L & R outs

Slowly increase Survey, but don’t go too far or it gets out of hand. Strange beats and patterns start to happen around 8-9 o’clock. I used a JF as the source and had a lot of fun with simple washes.

Edit: I ended up using this in part of my Disquiet submission this week


Nice. I’ve recently got the Jf/CM combo to add to the other Mannequins, and am pushing through these threads to test them out. No idea if my results are anything like yours, but sounds very good to me.


Wanted to explore CM & morphagene, ended up doing this instead and getting really gnarly/great edge sounds using just Mac. threw in JF in shape mode and have a drunk bongo ensemble playing for me.

EDIT: had to record some of that. all sounds made by Cold Mac:


I’m guessing no, but is there any way to do ring modulation with Cold Mac?


I don’t think so, at least not entirely on it’s own. You can get ring modulation by inverting the left output and mixing it with the right output. Now you get an inverted version of the waveform when survey is CCW, no output when survey is at 12 o’clock and the normal output when survey is CW. So you set survey to 12 o’clock, plug your carrier into the left input and let your modulator modulate survey.