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haha that’s what I’m on melting my brain


or maybe it is the value or survey… you made me rethink… i am confused now


see now my initial thinking was its the position of survey, if you thing of the lines around the survey know are they then matching say the movement within that frame.


for instance slope in and slope out the sound is only within the inside of that radius


The horizontal line is 0v. The diagonal line in the graphic is showing you the transfer function for that functional block as you sweep survey with nothing patched in. With nothing patched in to Cold Mac, try patching the output of each functional block one by one to the pitch input of an oscillator, and sweep the survey knob slowly from min to max and back. Listen to how the pitch of your oscillator reflects the diagonal line.

Then try using ramp or triangle waves, or any other LFO, to drive the survey input with the knob at 0 (noon) and now you will have 6 synced LFOs, some out of phase or inverted, some at different frequency ratios, depending on what you chose as your source LFO to drive survey.


Thank you V’d⭐️ Ace!


Discovered another use for CM: Clock/Trigger mix/crossfade. Two different rhythms into left and right, and another into Offset(perhaps a constant steady rhythm). Survey the blend of patterns you get! You could extend this concept with setting different voltage levels of the pulses to have a sort of sequencer.

#173 no oscillator harmed in the making


My patching is finally catching up with my brain (or maybe vice versa??)—I’m just realizing how cool it is that if I patch up one section of Cold Mac, the other sections still work and can be either related to each other or not, depending on how I patch. :open_mouth:


Do tell! I’m still trying to wrap my head around CM…


So, here’s what I was doing: I had patched the top section so that an LFO patched into survey would pan my sound around in stereo

more about patching panning just in case it's helpful

In this patch I have high, low and centre of Sisters patched to left, right and offset on Cold Mac. Moving survey using the knob or CV will crossfade the left and right inputs into their corresponding outputs with opposite proportions, creating panning. I think, that anything into offset will be panned center regardless of knob or CV.

and then I realized that actually my crease out would give me a “creased” version of the LFO I had patched into survey (i.e. as the LFO crosses zero volts, the crease out jumps from +5V to -5V) which I could use to introduce a big change in my patch related to the LFO. (Haven’t found anything I liked yet though xD)

and what’s more, If I wanted to mix my stereo signal down to mono, say to modulate some part of my patch or run through W/, the mac output would give me exactly what I wanted—even if I were using the other parts of the module to make CV! :open_mouth:


These are exactly the type of use cases I want to use Cold Mac for but I haven’t been able to find those inspirations for multiplicity yet… Starting with the crossfader and working out from there seems like a good starting point!


Question to folks using 2 Cold Macs, curious to know how do you use them?

Starting this new thread as I am curious how folks with 2 cold macs are using them.

This I am guessing should eventually be merged with the Cold Mac Ideas tread, but figured my post there was missed by some with 2 Cold Macs, hence the new post.

Looking forward to hearing more ideas about this!


I use them for pretty straight up uses, so having two for me is basically doubling up on the utilities that they can do ie panning, logic, wavefolding, etc., and using them as two big master CV knobs to do all kinds of things within my system, or using them to route something like a single LFO or sequence into 14 outs. Super flexible, super useful. Doesn’t necessarily have to be weird or complex.


Thanks for replying!
Curious what other modulation sources do you have in your rack?


Marbles, 2 x Just Friends, Triple Sloth and Maths :slight_smile:


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