Cold Mac panning

Hi. Last week I got the Mannequins Cold Mac utility module. Today I was going to use it as a simple panner. I have the sound (from three sisters) patched to the LEFT input and the LEFT/RIGHT outputs patched to L/R on -isms.
When the survey knob is turned to around 4 o’clock I get some kind of distortion on both left and right channels. It’s very strange.
I have recorded a small clip with my Zoom H2n directly connected to the outputs of -isms.
Sound sample

What is causing this distortion? Is my Cold Mac faulty? Or have I misunderstand the LEFT/RIGHT thing of this beast?

(I also hear some potentiometer noise (like on an old radio) on the Mac output when I turn the knob but I guess thats normal and that it’s caused by the DC from the knob normalised to the slope input. The noise disappears when I connect a dummy cable to slope.)

@Galapagoose will know

Pardon me.
The answer was in the manual:

NB: You will need to attach an unconnected jack to RIGHT input to defeat the DC offset normalled there.

That solved my problem.


That’s normal. You have to start with slope as input if you want to use it as a vca or use a(nother) dummy cable. I had the same question when I first got mine.

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