Colorado Modular Synth Society Meetups and Events

I’ll use this thread to update on upcoming CMSS events!

Our meet ups happen monthly (except in December)

The meetup have DIY builds, petting zoos and a trade market. We have at least one talk. Past talks have been a deep dive into modules (WMD did one for us!) and West Coast Synthesis (with a Buchla 200e!) This meetups are on weekend day from 4:30pm - 6:30pm

If you would like to join the active Facebook group or meet ups send request at or visit for directions and to sign up for updates. You can also ask questions here on this thread too!

I’m in golden! not on facebook tho so i’ll try to stay in touch


I know John Moshier was working on putting together a DIY workshop of my Two Tone Module for the Colorado folks. I saw some photos of beautiful black and gold PCBS so I’d love to hear about how that goes/went!

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Right on, I am working on setting up a website for everyone not on FB. The meet up is on 10/20 at 4:30 to 6:30 at The Craftsman and Apprentice 1335 E 22nd Ave, Denver, CO 80205. If you are on Instagram, I will put updates on there too:

Yes, those came out so great!! I have seen them in members’ cases already. I’ll ask if people can send more pics and vids to share with ya!

I’ve never been to a meet-up for synths before. What is everyone doing at an event like this? Its it a social event to stand around and talk or are there performances or what? I live up in Ft Collins and I may be interested. Just wanna know what to expect.

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Hi, last meet up we had two FoCo peeps come out to the last one. If you join the group be sure to let everyone know your in the area.

Yes, so my meet ups, I try to have few things going: a simple DIY project, people bring cases that people can patch (the petting zoo), you can bring your modules you want to sell or trade. This next one we might do some more activities like talks, patching challenges and such. We have expert builders sharing tips, people just starting off and people who know their shit. Super safe place to ask questions and get hands on with modules you may never had a chance to see in person.

I see. Thanks for the explanation!

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no problem, please join up or even hit me up here with any questions. Cheers!

Wow! This sounds great! I’ll request the day off work. I live in Longmont. Thanks for putting it together.

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Last one there was even a Buchla easel. Was super excited to play one and then realize how little I understood it.

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That Serge also blew my mind.

Thanks for putting this together. I’m new to the Denver area (and to the lines community) and have been looking for a group like this. I’m not on Facebook either so I’ll try to stay caught up. I’d love to come by on 10/20.

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Sounds good. Are you on Insta? If so I keep an eye on messages from there too. Hit me up with any questions.

Update Alex from WMDevices will be giving a deep dive into the Arpitecht followed by a Q&A. We also have a talk about sourcing for DIY projects too. Also lots of cases are coming down for the petting zoo and some patching games. Also there will be beer!

Hi all, today is the day for the October CMSS meet up!
The event start at 4:30 and goes to 6:30.
It is in Denver at Craftsman and Apprentice There will be some talks and plenty of modules to get hands on with. Bring your wallet or modules you may want to trade!

See you there!

Thanks! I do have an Instagram account but I don’t use it very often. I’ll keep an eye out as best I can. Have you considered an email list?

I’ll be stopping by today with my rack as well as a Missing Link for folks to try out (I helped make it).

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That is a great idea, on the email list. I’ll set that up for next one. Wow, this missing link is something I was wishing for just the other day haha. Can’t wait to see it.

Hi I added a page on my site to help with keep those not on FB in the know:

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Thanks for your idea again on starting an email list. Working on that here: