Colorado Modular Synth Society Meetups and Events

Next meetup is January 20th. There will be a raffle with cool prizes. Alex from WMDEVICES will be giving a talk about mixing in eurorack.

The January 20th starts at 5:45 this month

Next meetup is Feb 17th 4:30

The meetup is coming up this Sunday with door prizes from Tiptop Audio and Mystery Circles! Check out our new site

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I came on here to go to the Faderbank thread, and find this! I’ll have some raw faderbanks at the Meetup as well!

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Next meet up is Saturday March 16th! More info here:

Today’s meetup will have door prizes from Tiptop Audio and Luigi’s Modular! Starts at 4:30!

Next meetup is May 11th, 2019 at Forte Green. This month we are talking SERGE! learn more about our group on our Facebook group or here at