Colorwheel v0.2 — INSCRUTABLE BETA

Just have Maiden open when you’re loading the script and see if any errors pop up in the console.

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OK - thanks. I will check it out this weekend!

To be clear: the current version of cw shares 0 code with the version that this hack was made for


ahh that’s probably what the issue is…ty for clarifying
@infinitedigits any idea what the updated way of adding this would be?

Really looking forward to using this - I can’t get any sound out as yet, hit k2 to randomize and k3 to start. I can see it running on grid. No volume showing in norns output. Matron show values moving. I am doing something dumb…?

I made a little fork of colorwheel with marimba. you can install it now through maiden in the REPL by first adding marimba, and then the colorwheel fork:


(make sure to restart after installing marimba)

colorwheel doesn’t make sound on its own -you need to plug it into a midi device or use cv. or use that fork I mentioned with the marimba engine. or modify it to use another engine in the nornsverse.


odd, after loading marimba restarting then loading colorwheel-marimba and restarting,
colorwheel-marimba just says “loading…” :confused: i wouldn’t imagine it’s because i’m using a fates

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Great - thanks!! I really appreciate it!

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please take a short video with your phone with the grid and norns fully in frame. We don’t have enough detail to pinpoint the issue based on the information you’ve given.

It would be useful to see you cycle through all five traits on one track on the grid, as well as show the live page. I’d also want to see the norns levels page. If you don’t know what any of this means, please watch the tutorial.

please also post information from maiden. if anything is printing in the REPL. (peep the monome website if none of this makes sense to you).

I’d like it a lot if this became ‘standard procedure’ for norns troubleshooting.

If it’s marimba-side, zack’ll chime in if he wants, but if it’s cw-side, I’m here to help!


Thanks for your reply. I’m now trying colorwheel-marimba but I have a load error. Any thing I’m missing on my side?

# script clear
# script load: /home/we/dust/code/colorwheel-marimba/colorwheel-marimba.lua
including /home/we/dust/code/colorwheel-marimba/lib/notes.lua
including /home/we/dust/code/colorwheel-marimba/lib/algebra.lua
creating group meta with 11 params
adding 11 params
creating group track 1 with 36 params
adding 36 params
creating group track 2 with 36 params
adding 36 params
creating group track 3 with 36 params
adding 36 params
creating group track 4 with 36 params
adding 36 params
creating group steps 1 with 240 params
adding 240 params
creating group steps 2 with 240 params
adding 240 params
creating group steps 3 with 240 params
adding 240 params
creating group steps 4 with 240 params
adding 240 params
calling: oblique setup
calling: broadcast mod init
# script run
loading engine: Marimba
>> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/colorwheel-marimba/colorwheel-marimba.pmap /home/we/dust/data/colorwheel-marimba/colorwheel-marimba.pmap not read.
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looks to me like a marimba issue. i’m not equipped to advise.

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No problem, thanks. I’m just trying it through crow to my qubit surface - just to confirm, I’m sending track 1 to crow, and output 1 is pitch/voct and output 2 gate/pulse, right?

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yes! it is. sorry my bad. sorry for the noise. I had forgotten that I recently optimized marimba a bit and didn’t push the newer engine. so @Medenine and @bharris22 and @claasp, please delete marimba and reinstall it and it should be good to go.


np dude! You’re killing it!


Thanks @infinitedigits!! Yahoo - now working! Beautiful…


Will do - thanks for looking into this so quickly!

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beautiful ty, sounds great!

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+1 - seems to work like a charm! Thank you very much @infinitedigits and @yams!


pushing fix now


Unreal :star_struck:
Appreciate your work man!