Colorwheel v0.2 — INSCRUTABLE BETA

This was the original functionality but a lot of synths function most cleanly when they’re only receiving midi on one channel. You can save a preset and just load that preset every time you come into colorwheel. Alternatively, change this one line in maiden:

File “algebra.lua” (in folder “library”), line 39


queue_add_param{ type = “number”, id = "midi channel " …i, name = "midi channel " …i, min = 1, max = 16, default = 1 }

new version:

queue_add_param{ type = “number”, id = "midi channel " …i, name = "midi channel " …i, min = 1, max = 16, default = i }

we just changed that ‘1’ at the end to an ‘i’


fyi this may or may not be my fault @yams - something on nest’s end was causing a slow load for me at one point, but I *thoroughly * forget what it was or how I fixed it. it’s Yuge but it should not be Yuge enough for 30 seconds of load time !

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What are the odds of breaking changes if I update core and grid to the latest nest version? >.>.>.>.>

edit: looks like I’m gonna have to do quite a bit of testing to make sure everything still works as nest continues to evolve. For now we’re living with long-ish load times, but this won’t be forever.

I think the issues I was having are because my USB>MIDI cables were devices 3 and 5 of the Norns. Is the script expecting to output on device one by default or can that be set in the params ? I couldn’t find a way to change that (including from the Norns’ clock menu), but when I moved the USB>MIDI cable to port one and assigned it to device one, I get MIDI note output from colorwheel.

I have two Launchpad Minis Mk3 on slots 1 and 2 of the Norns as they are needed for midigrid, but they seem happy enough on slots 3 and 4 for now.

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Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you meant device ports three and five – thought you meant midi channels three and five.

Yes, it only outputs on devices listed as midi device 1. I do not know how to change that, or if changing it would mean that it’s constantly outputting on all device ports, which would be weird. I didn’t consciously decide this, and I’m not aware of how to do it more deliberately. I’ll put it in a note for the next update (which should be early next week at the latest).

Also please tell me how you’re finding it! Really tryna get as much feedback as possible :slight_smile:

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No worries - we got there in the end!

So far I have a monotimbral monosynth connected as that’s what’s handy, so it’s a bit peculiar having only one voice getting so many notes :wink: But that’s also quite fun. I’ll try something like an Analog 4 next.

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On a monosynth there are a lot of great opportunities to solo using the live page. You can work all the sliders very actively and get responsive and, imo, satisfying results. Try doing things like tapping one of the four “fifth/second up/down” keys every time you hear a note, or modifying more than one slider at once. These are the kinds of gestures that in busier pieces don’t really stick, but in mono (fast, many gates, low probability), it can start to feel like a bebop solo.

[this is all with tracks 2 - 4 muted, I mean]


Oh, nice - I will try that after I see how the Juno-60 goes as it’s next to the monosynth… so much to explore - amazing work!

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also i’m only 4mins into this tutorial and it’s one of my favs ever…if you were worried or anxious how it will be received, i already feel like i “get” colorwheel which is incredible


Just wanted to second this - I watched it from start to finish when I woke up this morning and it drew me right in to the script and indeed the theory too.

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you’re the god tho tf

send me some beats to rap on, fuck.

[edit: the tone here is playful and i hope that parses i’m on a serious release high rn and might have to check my blood pressure here in a second after reading this piece of feedback]


of course of course

this will be crazy to play with and i’m kinda amazed how you built this cause i don’t always get excited by grid app controls (or tonal systems lol)

also, dm me if you wanna chat about beats : )


This is super cool and just watching the video has encouraged me to think about melody and harmony in new ways

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there’s a lot i could say about this and you’ll probably hear it all eventually

for now: <<<<< ffffffffuuuuuuccccckkkk yyyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh >>>>>

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Have you considered plugging it into one of norns synth engines? Won’t lie, sometimes I’m just too lazy to take anything heavier than norns with me and play around with it :grinning:


it’s a disaster. makes too many notes. i’ve tried a lot of engines (like “weeks of my life” although probably only cuz I’m dumb). i’ve considered building a custom engine for it but honestly the best thing to use it for is a modular synth, which I do not possess and cannot test.


Makes too many notes like… crackles and takes too much cpu?

I plan to test it out next time I unpatch everything; it might not end up very tonal, mind…

yes this. And while there are ways to hard limit (@infinitedigits changed mx.synths explicitly for this purpose), one of the major flexibilities of colorwheel over other sequencers is being able to go from very spacious to very rhythmic very quickly. It’s just not a series of compromises I’m willing to make because (and I’d do this, too), everyone will just use the default sound engine (which will, frankly, suck) instead of the USB synths they have.

You can also get a USB host to host adapter (and if you own a norns, you ought to spring for one) and use it to drive literally anything on your computer. I’m all for accommodating laziness (@Ukasz 's word), but at the risk of ruining someone’s first experience with the tool… not worth.

I mean if someone who knows what they’re doing better than me (idk a squirrel or seagull or somefin) wants to take a crack at it, I’m open!


I think I found a bug: after playing with it for a while the sequence length and clock dividers stopped working on the note length and velocity pages. The grid updates correctly but the sequencer stays at 1:1 clock and length of 6. I reloaded the script and it seems to be working again.

I’ve had something similar happen with Kria MIDI - pages of the UI stop responding altogether which requires a restart of the script. This seemed to improve with the latest Norns update so maybe an issue in the libraries or core code?

Not complaining - for a rev 0.1 this thing is awesome!