Colossus -- Analogue Solutions (totally not a Synthi 100)

From the link below:


Analogue Solutions is excited to introduce Colossus, an exciting new mega-synth with a design ethos truly from the dawn of analogue synths. It is more than a powerful analogue ‘workstation’ - it is also art, architecture, exquisite studio furniture.

Design inspiration is of course from the 1970’s EMS Synthi 100, however, no circuit from the Synthi has been cloned or copied. We prefer to make our own designs. We have chosen some of our favourite circuits from our own large back catalogue synths such as Polymath, Telemark and Vostok.

Colossus is not a Synthi 100 clone - all circuits are non-EMS, Analogue Solutions’ design.

I like the approach Analog Solutions has taken here. Respect is paid to the original inspiration for the synth, but it’s not another slavish exercise in cloning or historical recreation.

This synth has gotta be a long held dream of Tom Carpenter’s (and for others as well). I hope he sells as many as he can make. Who knows, maybe one day I will get to play one.

What are your thoughts?


25,000 quid! (USD31,000)


I respect the project and glad it exists, I think it looks great and love the fact that they’ve gone for something that’s designed to be a huge centrepiece. It’s not for me though and frankly im struggling to work out who the market is.

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i tend to somehow agree with this positioning, unfortunately. it does not really appear to me as an inspiring instrument forging new pathways to creating interesting noises.

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If anyone is looking for EMS sound, I guess that Analogue Systems is the most available thing (Osc, Filter, Trapezoid, all available in Eurorack by now. Not for your skiffs though). I don’t want to sound too negative about this piece of living room above but I haven’t heard an impressive filter or osc by Analogue Solutions yet.

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I think that if you wanted to start a graduate program at a college for music tech/synthesis, and wanted to lure in the first 4-8 grad students at $40K/year, this (plus the near-minimum wage instructor to teach it) pays for itself in year one.

The fact that it looks like something that would be in a historically-important photograph is a key element to its value in this case.

It’s the equivalent of an SSL for a producer’s workshop, maybe? Cynical, I know…


Many folks have dropped far more than 25,000 quid on their modular systems. I’m not there, but I may be around 50% there :woozy_face:. Considering the cost of those (also) hand-built Moog reissues, the Colossus seems like a steal in the category.


I’m thinking recording studios. Who else can justify this as an expense? It only makes sense if you can leverage it as a business expense and feature for prospective customers. I know if I were in the market for some studio time and saw they had one of these I would want to book some alone time with Colossus.

I think what inspires is pretty personal. For me oscillators and filters are more like pen and paper. Yes, we have all seen what ink on paper looks like, but the patterns you create with them belong to your creativity. So for me this would be like drawing in a super retro drafting desk, just the environment would change my frame of mind.

That’s kind of surprising. I suppose I was quite impressed with the Impulse Command which was all about the filter and osc. Granted it’s very traditional where waveform are concerned, but I think with all the tools in the Colossus you can craft really complex timbres.

This comment hits close to home.

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