Combining multiple audio files into single file


I am trying to find/develop a quick method for combining multiple audio files into a single audio file.

Either in an even spread grid or with “markers/cue points” at the start of each sample.

I have tried with Max with playlist~ but doing a recording in realtime introduces lag in various places and Max doesn’t seem to be able to write markers onto wav-files.

So I am looking for suggestions for a program that let’s me do this in an automated way (loading in samples, then pressing a button) or for an environment in which it makes sense to develop this.

In Reaper, go to Inset > Import media files. When prompted, opt to put them sequentially on the same track. Then, render that track out as normal!


I would use sox

sox inA.wav inB.wav outAB.wav

ffmpeg will do the trick with th concat filter but that syntax is a little less convenient

both tools also support trimming, adding silence, and adding cue points


This could also be of use: sǝuoſ ǝuıɥsunS » Octachainer – Freeware Mac & Windows file prep software for the Elektron Octatrack & Analog Rytm

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